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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 arapaimag since 2001-02-01; who writes, "Very vicious in small tanks like a 225 gallon. But complete turnabout and very peaceful in my big tank and grew to 41" (1030 mm)."
2 kntrygrl4lyfe (p: 2) since 2008-01-22
3 amazonfishman since 2008-02-28
4 necrocanis since 2008-08-12
5 Hikarixz since 2009-10-08; who writes, "Zungaro zungaro or simply the Jau is extremely aggressive, capable of injuring an Arapaima gigas twice it's size. The Jau was more active during the night while being sluggish during the day. This species should be kept alone from my experience. Nice fish except for the aggression towards others."
6 Redtailrob (k: 2) since 2011-04-28; who writes, "Very aggressive towards each other even though small.More than one specimen cannot be kept together. Probably the most aggressive fish Ive kept"
7 Buddiechrist since 2011-06-06
8 Pcpolo111 since 2012-10-23
9 angerygrover since 2018-04-16