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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 synodont_fan since 2005-01-01; who writes, "I like this species. Mine doesn't show any spots, but has an interesting sickle shaped tail and very boxy head, compared to most synodontids. It likes to hang by its mouth off the end of a piece of wood. Doesn't seem to be aggressive."
2 jippo since 2008-09-12
3 Chrysichthys (k: 2) since 2008-10-12
4 Moomoo since 2008-11-20
5 dayglowfroggy (p: 3) since 2008-12-24
6 syno-kev since 2009-07-08
7 Richard B since 2011-04-20
8 tomr (k: 2) since 2011-12-31
9 kvnbyl since 2014-02-14
10 chalamala since 2014-09-22
11 Goodeid608 since 2014-10-24
12 monsterfishkeeper (p: 2) since 2015-04-11
13 jodilynn since 2015-05-08; who writes, ""E.T. is my one Syno who is always out. Spends most of the day suctioned to the glass or filter. Not pushy but not a pushover either. Same size as my Featherfin and Hybrid Syno but not as big as my Clown Syno. Interesting looking fish with very unique behaviors."
14 Long Barbels since 2016-06-01
15 WadeNCreeks since 2016-08-10
16 protopterus since 2017-03-14