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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 amiidae since 2007-07-05
2 wrasse (k: 2) since 2012-01-13; who writes, "This is a love/hate relationship! My nemesis fish! I lost the first 4 to what turned out to be whitespot. With the next 4 I lost 1 to whitespot which was not obvious until too late. I lost 1 to it not eating... it became weaker and thinner. The other 2 are fine now, but it was 'touch and go'! Very delicate fish at first... its a race to get them eating before they become too weak. Its a race to find the foods they will accept!!! They are also sensitive to whitespot treatment. Gorgeous fish, worth the battle!"
3 sturiosoma since 2017-10-22