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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Richard B (k: 3) since 2008-12-09; who writes, "Upon introduction to the tank, most individuals buried themselves in the sand substrate, with just their faces showing - therefore sand would be a must as the substrate, not gravel. They have proved energetic unfussy feeders but not gluttonous I lost 1 after a couple of days which squeezed out of a tiny gap in the cover glasses"
2 Martin S (p: 3, k: 7) since 2008-12-27; who writes, "Sold as Imparfinis sp. 'blue'"
3 MatsP (k: 5) since 2009-08-08; who writes, "Received from Martin S who had them from 2008-12-27 and 2008-01-10. "