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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 The.Dark.One since 2009-03-19
2 Shovelnose since 2010-10-09
3 lilu since 2014-01-07; who writes, "Favourite spot to hang out during the day is a 1" pleco cave or a coconut cave. Only comes out at night to feed."
4 Narelle (k: 6) since 2016-10-16; who writes, "Got these from the 2016 Catcon auction, 4 female 2 male. I have had them for 2 years now (2018 update). These fish have grown well beyond the size listed here, closer to 3" SL for females and 2.5" SL for the males. They have readily eaten all offered prepared foods. Very easy to maintain and a delight to keep. Up until this year, they were maintained in a species tank, but I recently added some juvenile Betta rubra to the tank. The rubra were all around an inch in length, but the smallest two, just under 1", were eaten. The larger ones have been safe. The CotM article lists them safe with all but Paedocypris, but they are not safe with fish any less than 1"."
5 burgercats (k: 4) since 2018-09-28