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No. Species Image Size Temp pH IUCN status Keepers
1. Corydoras(ln8sc4) approuaguensis (i:2) 70mm (2.8") 22.0-26.0°C (71.6-78.8°F) 6.0-8.0 Unknown 0
  • Corydoras(ln8sc4) spilurus
Corydoras(ln8sc4) spilurus (i:3) 55mm (2.2") 22.0-26.0°C (71.6-78.8°F) No data Unknown 0
3. Harttia guianensis (i:4) 175mm (6.9") No data No data Unknown 0
4. Hypostomus gymnorhynchus (i:2) 266mm (10.5") No data No data Unknown 2
5. Peckoltia capitulata (i:1) 76mm (3") No data No data Unknown 0
  • Propimelodus eigenmanni
Propimelodus eigenmanni (i:3) 240mm (9.4") 24.0-28.0°C (75.2-82.4°F) No data Unknown 0