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Scientific NameMegalancistrus sp. (LDA097)   
Common NamesLDA097, Super Dragon Hi Fin Pleco
Pronunciationmega lan SISS truss
EtymologyGreek, megas, megalos = great + Greek, agkistron = hook, in this case meaning "big Ancistrus".  
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Size 600mm or 23.6" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationA colossal pleco worthy of the generic name. Can be differentiated from other large loricariids by the presence of evertible interopercular odontodes.

Distinguished from the similar Megalancistrus paranaus but a light brown base colouration. Distinguished from L234 by having a lower dorsal fin in adulthood and, more consistently, by having a pattern of variously irregular spots, blotches or thick reticulations. L234 is spotted.
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DistributionRio São Francisco (Petrolina on the border between Pernambuco and Bahia), Brazil
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Registered Keepers(1) arapaima, (2) DarkAtlas, (3) soltarii007, who also notes: "this is actually not a dragon high fin, but a megalancistrus cf. barrae. ", (4) daredevil, (5) alank (p: 2, k: 2), (6) adelinoarrais.

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Breeding ReportsNone.
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