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Scientific NameGlyptosternon reticulatum  McClelland, 1842
Common NameTurkestan Catfish
Type LocalitySir-i-Chusma, source of Kabul R., Afghanistan.
Synonym(s)Exostoma labrax, Exostoma stoliczkae, Glyptosternon reticulatus, Glyptosternon stoliczkae
PronunciationGleep toe stir nawn - reh tick ewe latt uhm
EtymologyThe generic name comes from the Greek glyptos, meaning carved, and sternon, meaning breast, in reference to the folds of skin comprising the thoracic adhesive apparatus. The specific epithet comes from the Latin reticulatus, meaning net-like, in reference to the color pattern.
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Size 240mm or 9.4" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationDepressed head and body, enlarged paired fins without ossified first pectoral-fin element (pectoral spine). Gill openings relatively wide and extend to ventral surface of head.
SexingMales have a larger genital papilla, and also appear to be more tuberculate during breeding season.
General RemarksThe habitat pictures were taken at approximately 1800 above sea level in the Fergana mountain range in southern Kyrgyzstan in April 2009. The name of the river isn't recorded, but its a tributary of the Kyzylungugir river. The species is relatively common and is eaten locally.
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DistributionAfghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Tibet. Also found in the central Asian republics of the former USSR.
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pH6.8 - 7.8
Temperature10.0-20.0°C or 50-68°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersNeeds well oxygenated water.
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FeedingWill feed on live/frozen food.
FurnitureA gravel/rocky bottom and a strong current.
CompatibilityA peaceful species suitable for the hillstream biotope tank. Best kept in a well-oxygenated tank with strong current. Ideal tankmates include larger fast-water cyprinids such as Garra.
BreedingNot reported.
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ReferencesJ. Nat. Hist. Calcuttav. 2 (no. 8) - pp584
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
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