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Scientific NamePseudecheneis sulcata  (McClelland, 1842)
Common NameBrahmaputra Suckerthroat
Type LocalityKasyah [Khasi] Hills, Meghalaya, India.
Synonym(s)Glyptosternon sulcatus
PronunciationSew de che niss - sul caa taa
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Size 190mm or 7.5" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationFishes of the genus Pseudecheneis can be differentiated from other Glyptosternine fish in having a thoracic adhesive apparatus consisting of a series of transverse ridges (laminae) separated by grooves (sulcae) (de Pinna, 1996; Roberts, 1998).

Pseudecheneis sulcata can be distinguished from congeners in having a unique combination of the lack of a prominent bony spur on the anterodorsal surface of the first dorsal-fin pterygiophore, presence of a first dorsal-fin element, bifid neural spines on the complex vertebra, the neural spines of the last 2–3 preanal and first 6–7 postanal vertebrae gradually increasing in height, separate pelvic fins, a less convex snout when viewed laterally, presence of pale spots on the body, 36–39 vertebrae, 12–14 transverse laminae on the thoracic adhesive apparatus, pelvic-fin length 21.2–28.7% SL, pectoral-fin length 121.6–156.3 % HL, length of adipose-fin base 17.8–22.7% SL, length of caudal peduncle 25.0–28.3% SL, depth of caudal peduncle 4.0–5.2% SL, and eye diameter 8.8–10.6% HL.
SexingNot known.
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DistributionKnown from the Brahmaputra River drainage.
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IUCN Red List StatusLeast Concern
Other ParametersFound in fast-flowing hill streams. Prefers deep riffles and runs over gravel, cobble substrates.
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ReferencesJ. Nat. Hist. Calcutta v.2 (no. 8) - pp587 - Pl. 6 (figs. 1-3) The identity of Pseudecheneis sulcata (McClelland, 1842), with descriptions of two new species of rheophilic catfish (Teleostei: Sisoridae) from Nepal and China Heok hee Ng
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
Article - CotM 2012 June
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