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Scientific NameAncistrus claro  Knaack, 1999
Common NamesLDA008, Gold Marble Bristlenose Catfish
Claro-Ancistrus (Germany)
Type LocalityBrazil, Mato Grosso, Rio Claro, above the bridge, in the direction of Chappada dos Guimaraes.
Pronunciationan SISS truss - cla row
EtymologyThe name Ancistrus is derived from the Greek word agkistron, meaning hook, in reference to the interopercular odontodes that are hooked. Named after the Rio Claro, where it was collected.
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Size 70mm or 2.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationMature males and sometimes females have soft tentacles (bushy fleshy growths) on the snout - this is unique to the genus Ancistrus.

The base colouration is brown with a whitish abdomen region. The markings are beige to yellowish white, and are a completely irregular reticulated pattern. Snout tentacles of males have a pattern of light-coloured spots. The dorsal and caudal fins have irregular bands. Overall, this species is rather easy to ID because of its small adult size and quite unusual pattern. Still, it can be confused with young specimens of common Ancistrus unless the mouth shape is examined as it is different, in A. claro it is more oval shape than rounded
SexingMales have branched tentacles on the snout, females can occasionally have 2-3 very little tentacles, but most don't have any. Mature females have a darker base colouration. The vermiform lines are found predominantly on males.

Both sexes grow to about the same size.
General RemarksMainly active during the day (at least in its natural habitat).
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DistributionThis species is found in Brazil, in the state of Mato Grosso, in the Rio Claro. It is also found in the Rio Coxipo and some small western tributaries.
La Plata, Paraná, Paraguay, Upper Paraguay, Cuiabá, Coxipo (click on these areas to find other species found there)
La Plata, Paraná, Paraguay, Upper Paraguay, Cuiabá, Claro (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH6.2 - 7.6
Temperature24.0-28.0°C or 75.2-82.4°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersConductivity range at type locality: 3-10 microsiemens
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FeedingNot a picky eater, will eat about anything, from vegetables to bloodworms. A vegetable diet is preferable and animal proteins can be given once or twice a week but should not make up the main diet.
FurnitureIts natural habitat consists of fast flowing waters over a rocky bottom. Likes also to stay in quiet zones of these same river rapids. Safe will robust plants.
CompatibilityIt is not a territorial fish. Can be housed with several of its own kind or other loricariids without a problem.
Suggested TankmatesRiverine species are ideal as they will share enjoyment in a current.
BreedingTypical Ancistrus manner. Males stay in caves and guard the brood. Females lay about 20 to 35 eggs.

Eggs hatch after 5-7 days. After about 2 weeks the yolk sac is totally absorbed and the young start to eat. Fry are raised like other members of the genus.
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ReferencesKnaack,J. Tropical Fish Hobbyist, June 1999 ppg 70-76
Seidel,I. DATZ, Aquarien-Praxis, August 2001, ppg 5-7
Registered Keepers(1) Barbie (k: 54), (2) lordotterby, (3) amergim, (4) spencerdeluxe, (5) Elspeth (k: 11), (6) CatBrat, (7) pureplecs (k: 8), (8) FreshwaterJeff (p: 2, k: 3), who also notes: "This is my second go-around with A. claro, and I think they're terrific. I got my trio from a local breeder. I have one male and two that are a bit young to be sexed. Note: one of the original three died in July 2007.", "One adult male, lost due to a CO2 malfunction.", (9) bikerman6660 (k: 8), (10) Daragh (k: 3), (11) FuglyDragon, who also notes: "1 Male only, looking for females", (12) Brotox (p: 4), (13) AngJo, (14) thebirdofprey (k: 13), (15) Lydia, (16) Jackster (k: 4), (17) gemjunkie, (18) Zebadee (k: 13), who also notes: "in jan 2007 got the first male claro and this was also myfirst tropical fish through the year ive got 2more males and bought 3 female. succesfuly bread in an communaty tank got 3 young claro's in Sept 2007 and jan 2008 got 4 to 5 more.", (19) tHEcONCH (k: 2), (20) kubastanik, (21) Borbi (k: 5), (22) d_frag, (23) vernonlarge (k: 6), (24) zenyfish, (25) Juha (k: 4), (26) mgamer20o0, (27) Lakatu, (28) tf_fish (k: 11), (29) claro, (30) kim m (k: 3), (31) buller42 (k: 7), (32) johnerud, (33) Flyfisher, (34) Richard B (k: 8), who also notes: "Had 12, sold 6 to MatsP - now have 8???", (35) tsoum (k: 4), who also notes: "Got my quarteto 3 weeks ago. they are 1-1.2 inches long. Waiting for the to grow to be able to sex them!", (36) Birger (p: 2, k: 7), (37) janne dahle (k: 5), (38) Norman (k: 4), (39) syno321, (40) Nabobmob1 (k: 12), (41) stäbchenfisch (k: 5), (42) MatsP (p: 2, k: 14), who also notes: "From Syno321", (43) ziggee (p: 2), (44) bruce3, (45) papwalker (k: 2), who also notes: "Instant foraging in new tank.", (46) wijnands (k: 8), who also notes: "Bought in June 2012. One still small and unable to sex a year later. First fry born in July 2013. After that one litter of approx. 10 fry every 2-3 months. Survival rates relatively low because fry are slow to take food.", (47) monkiecat (k: 6), (48) Bigpig (p: 2), (49) AlphaWolf1995 (k: 10), (50) TimW (p: 2), (51) Stuey, (52) redwood (k: 4), (53) Ashley_1988 (k: 4), (54) john h, (55) saor alba, (56) jac (k: 8), (57) Alta (p: 2), (58) spip, (59) LostYeti (k: 5), (60) MarinFlorin (k: 2), who also notes: "A very shy fish! Quite teritorial and hard to breed. Likes hiding places and can be kept at low temperatures also 22-30 degr celsius. One successful breeding at the moment.", (61) Clarogill (k: 6), who also notes: "Kept in planted tank with black fluorite sand,stones, bogwood and several caves. Good flow. Feed on algae wafers, sinking pellets, courgette and frozen bloodworms.", (62) Allen Repashy, (63) benma (k: 4), (64) Jost, (65) MarlonnekeW (k: 9), (66) CodOnMyRod, (67) Cheep-Cheep (k: 6), (68) Gerard Pennards (k: 2), (69) Narwhal72, (70) Melander (k: 9), who also notes: "WC fish imported to Sweden by Stork Zoo.", (71) amazonaquatics, (72) GroovyJeff, (73) Chimily (k: 7), (74) binamarie516 (k: 7), (75) unicornfish (k: 22), (76) francistrus (p: 2), (77) atrop90, (78) KeXx (k: 5), (79) zopie.

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Breeding Reports(1) MarinFlorin (b: 56), (2) jac (b: 51), (3) CodOnMyRod (b: 48), (4) MatsP (b: 39), (5) wijnands (b: 21), (6) janne dahle (b: 19), (7) Richard B (b: 11), (8) TimW (b: 10).
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