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Scientific NameBaryancistrus sp. (L081)   
Common NamesL081, Gold Nugget Pleco
Pronunciationbah ree ann siss truss
EtymologyGreek, barys = heavy + Greek, agkistron = hook - Essentially "Heavy Ancistrus". 
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Size 180mm or 7.1" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationL081 is reported in DATZ to represent three very similar small spotted gold nugget plecos. Reportedly, the first is very hard to keep alive for any length of time; the others are considerably more hardy. While these fish may represent the range of population, it appears that the browner (as opposed to black) and finer the spots (amongst comparatively sized specimens) the more likely you are to have a hardy type. Little is know of what this fish looks like at adult size.
SexingAccording to Vires, ''Dimorphism is difficult to notice unless the fish are at full breeding size. Probably the easiest way to sex these fishes is by the shape of their foreheads. Males have a flatter, more leveled slope to their foreheads and are slightly wider. Females have a more rounded forehead and are slightly plumper when in spawning condition. There is no noticeable difference in odontodal growth in either species.''
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DistributionBrazil, Rio Xingu south of Altamira.
Amazon, Lower Amazon, Xingu, Middle Xingu (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH6.0 - 7.8
Temperature25.0-30.0°C or 77-86°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersClear with a noticeable current.
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FeedingThese fish are grazers, but not in the sense that they eat only vegetation. They actually sift and chew at the film of organic matter on hard surfaces in search of higher protein foods. In the wild this would constitute a variety of foods from small insect larvae and crustaceans to other animals eggs and possibly even recently dead animals. With this in mind, frozen foods such as bloodworm and blackworm should be offered along with frozen prawns. Algae and plants are avoided, but cucumber and courgette appear on the accepted menu. Accepted food morsel size changes with age in all of these fish.
FurnitureBogwood and rock caves. Plants are up to you but won't be molested by the fish.
CompatibilityGold nuggets are territorial to other bottom dwellers and downright vicious to other gold nuggets. This stems from a desire to find and defend the best spawning cave, so take this into account if you plan to introduce these fish into a catfish tank. They do well in a community environment that fits their other requirements. Be careful with adult fish, they can kill each other in a crowded space.
Suggested TankmatesAlthough strong currents are needed for breeding attempts, only good water quality and a high temperature are required for this fishes successful onward maintenance. Thus, characins are good biotope fish but you could look further afield at discus and gouramis. Most other cichlids tend to over compete for food with these fish, so be careful especially when introducing new gold nuggets.
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Registered Keepers(1) spencerdeluxe, (2) lordotterby, (3) frightlies, (4) guyvw (p: 2), (5) DarkAtlas, (6) Freakdaddy (k: 5), (7) nettaigyo, (8) emma (p: 2), (9) PepperedGary, (10) HBC, (11) franc, (12) Cyberbob, (13) Poshpleco, (14) rimbaudsarm, (15) ranmasan, who also notes: "Differentiated from L018 by smaller/finer spots ::sigh:: repeatedly attacked by L002 -- thought I'd lost this one but discovered otherwise 2+ years later when I had to take down and move the big tank, lol!", (16) greigzee, (17) wasabi, who also notes: "Went to heaven!!! ", (18) krzys, (19) roadrunner, (20) trini_100, (21) steelhead99, (22) loloveto, (23) jippo, (24) frank frestad, (25) Plecofanatic1989, (26) CoryLoachFreak, (27) ashik (k: 5), (28) Loracidlover, (29) dreadboy113, (30) MONG, (31) briggadane, (32) plecko, (33) eliy7, (34) joviman, (35) fusco, (36) Kennye86, (37) Camaroahopp, (38) SoCalDiscus, (39) Rohan Richardson (p: 2), (40) Chris5787, (41) judeblackburn, (42) justin_cu, (43) ewurm, (44) drpleco, (45) johnw63, (46) somename, (47) Substral, (48) oli (k: 2), (49) rdp50734, (50) Kenny Tay, (51) Buc_Nasty, (52) Jatze, (53) Torb, (54) bcmitchell, (55) tspaceace68, (56) MilkMan, (57) Turbo, (58) David R, (59) Harry94, (60) smokey70, (61) Rabbit, (62) plecomanpat (k: 2), (63) PlatinumSM, (64) Sam, (65) Carter77, (66) cdc069, (67) FFTRIP, (68) kiwiplymouth, (69) Thomas W, (70) clydeboy, (71) reepo, (72) fester, (73) mikebren12, (74) Apostolis, (75) eyal8a, (76) yogi88, (77) Syno Rey, (78) dav (k: 3), (79) SPTom, (80) KisA, who also notes: "Special L81. sao felix stardust.", (81) camtang (k: 2), (82) Hapaboy, (83) frozeneclipse, (84) Rebel00357 (k: 3), (85) mouyichen, (86) saltcop, (87) hypanaquolus, (88) kennyke, (89) Shanaitan, (90) 7Pete, (91) LostYeti, (92) Bioaquatix (k: 32), who also notes: "I bought a group of 20 from a local wholesaler/importer. There is about 12-14 left from the original group. I grew them out in 75g tanks until they were about 4-5", this was also their quarantine tank. I then moved out in to a 6x6x2 vat i use as a sump for a recirculating system. The water is kept at 6.8ph, 80-82F, 150uS. There are several different types of caves for them to hide in which helps with overly aggressive males. I tried to set them up in trios for breeding. I did have one good spawn during the summer of 2013. Water temp was 90F, 7.2ph, 190uS. I had a good hatch but lost some of the young when i moved them into a different system.", (93) WouterW, (94) genghiskhanll, (95) recumbent, (96) PlecosAndLoaches, (97) Ambull, (98) thekribkeeper, (99) DHarris, (100) Plumbum, (101) Phreeflow, (102) richnlou11, (103) johanwre, (104) adelinoarrais, (105) Fisk, (106) protopterus, (107) dpfs, (108) Pastoral, (109) donttellmywife, (110) dmfd0331.

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