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Scientific NamePterygoplichthys joselimaianus  (Weber, 1991)
Common NamesL001, Gold Spot Common Pleco
L022, Amazonas-Pleco (Germany)
Type LocalityRio Araguaya, affluent of Tocantins, Amazon system, Arunanã, Goiás, Brazil
Pronunciationterry gop LICK thees
EtymologyGreek, pterygion, diminutive of pteryx = wing, fin + Greek, hoplon = weapon + Greek, ichthys = fish. Named to honour Mr. Jose Lima.
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Size 305mm or 12" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationPterygoplichthys can be identified by the number of rays in the dorsal fin. More than 10 indicates that it's a Pterygoplichthys. Most other plecos have 8 or fewer rays (in particular the larger Hypostomus species that are most likely to be confused with Pterygoplichthys).

L001 is the same as L022.
SexingComparison of the genital papilla in mature fish shows the differences in the sexes to the trained eye. In males this is a small yet thick stump which noticeably protrudes from the fish's undercarriage. In females it is less obvious and is recessed or lies flat with the body.
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DistributionSouth America: Tocantins River basin.
Amazon, Lower Amazon, Tocantins (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature24.0-29.0°C or 75.2-84.2°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingLettuce, Peas, Frozen Spinach and any prepared food that reaches the bottom. Larger fish enjoy prawns or pieces of freshwater trout. Algae (especially soft brown) will be eaten immediately.
FurnitureAn appropriately sized shady retreat is all this fish requires. Will not eat plants, but any individual larger then 100mm or so may inadvertently pull up plants that are not entirely established. Larger fish require heavy filtration, not because they are fussy about water quality, but because of the high volumes of waste they produce.
CompatibilityLarger individuals are territorial to conspecifics however not predatory and able to look after itself with all but the most violent tankmates. Not a good pleco to keep with other similarly sized plecos as the P. joselimaianus would usually win any competition for food.
Suggested TankmatesSuitable with almost any fish, except other plecos due to the conspecific aggression of larger individuals and food competition.
BreedingAlthough commercially farmed, spawning in a home aquarium would be very difficult to achieve as a large wall of mud (I.E. a river bank) is tunnelled into and used for the incubation / hatching process. Large tunnels and fish would be required in a super-size aquarium.
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ReferencesRev. Suisse Zool. v. 98 (no. 3) 640
Registered Keepers(1) Persephone, (2) Kristofer, (3) arapaima, (4) Chrysichthys, (5) lookyloo, (6) Kimmy73b, (7) Sarajute, (8) mikelouth, (9) pureplecs (k: 2), (10) Topaztas, (11) VirgoWolf, (12) crazyplec, (13) hatecrew24/7, who also notes: " got 1 of these, 25 cm", (14) Freakdaddy (k: 4), (15) Cooky_luvs, (16) synoguy, (17) Osiris, (18) einstein-a-go-go, (19) Plank, (20) yogi69, who also notes: "about 6" ", (21) Benjamin, (22) unkaface, (23) Landlubber, (24) kerryteatsjr, (25) Snowy, (26) Colin Keightley, (27) Plecofanatic1989 (k: 2), (28) hope4peace, (29) joepleco, (30) magnar30, (31) teddyman5, (32) Gog, (33) jordant, (34) haffiducki, (35) Troender, (36) NHL, (37) Loracidlover, (38) Plunt, (39) PatchesThePirate, (40) Numbers, (41) drgold, (42) Violence, (43) River Dog, (44) HeadHunter, (45) djwalker124, (46) uyaffe, (47) bob, who also notes: "Very slow growing for me. About 6 inches at this time. I think he has trouble getting enough to eat - both the Syno. eupterous and a Vieja out compete. He looks healthy enough.", (48) munki, (49) Khalid (p: 2), (50) Rainbow Brite, (51) Royeight (p: 4), (52) chralis, (53) fishmosy, (54) novice, (55) Schmike, (56) HX67, (57) Breezer, (58) mark woodhouse, (59) Tracey, (60) Juha, (61) johnk1982, (62) Glauko, (63) nyamaoan (k: 4), (64) jessey, (65) Syokoy (p: 2), (66) linz_d87, (67) laineyg6, (68) Daniel Machado, (69) ayrtoninst (k: 5), (70) pickles4601, (71) Back, (72) warrior_wolf73, (73) smitty (p: 2, k: 2), who also notes: "Originally kept in 180gal tank. Moved to 150gal tank on 9/14/2010. Had to move back to 180gal due to very aggressive mating pair of Dovi's. Pleco became very inactive the week of 7/8/2011. Found dead the morning of 7/22/2011.", "Length on 2/1/2008 was 1 1/2". Measured on 9/03/2010 at 13 1/2". In just over 2.5yrs he has grown 12 1/4".", (74) kungfuteacher, (75) Kenny Tay, (76) barry555 (p: 2), (77) Buc_Nasty, (78) Jatze, (79) natteheks, (80) mrfishydude, (81) plecorocks, (82) fat cat, (83) uknavynigel, (84) N2Biomes, (85) Mezel, (86) Hellcatt (k: 2), (87) 1234d (p: 2), (88) tagamasid1023, who also notes: "L001 is a very majestic and beautiful specie. I love its chocolate-military pattern and its fan-like dorsal fin. My L001 is guilty of gluttony and is never ashed of it! No wonder this one doubled its size in the span of two months only! I'll probably need to transfer this one into my Oscar tank pretty soon.", (89) jpac716, (90) AquariumLover04, (91) Hapahound1971, (92) milosz, (93) kamlam (p: 2), (94) Alisana, (95) nedara, (96) Ottofan2003, (97) crusnik, who also notes: "Gived to a someone i knew. New tank is 660L, from September 2012. Was getting cranky, length over 35cm", (98) oneoddfish, (99) Torii, (100) todd1978, (101) Mavy, (102) kawa85, (103) wirikwiri, (104) WoonyFishMan (k: 3), (105) Iiriva, (106) Are06n (k: 2), (107) Goodeid608, (108) mg7454, who also notes: "I love this beautiful fish! She has the most beautiful sail-fin I have seen. She has 14 soft rays in her rounded and very high sail-fin! She does water-ballet while eating her algae-wafer; a very graceful swimmer! This has got to be my favorite fish ever! Thanks to Planet Catfish for helping me I.D. her so I can take proper care of her!", (109) roycarballo, (110) rizla75, (111) summoner2183, (112) seriouslycichlids, (113) huds21, (114) parrot1974, (115) BlackSouL, (116) mikemaes, who also notes: "Grew 11cm in 13months. and still going :)", (117) Divinehammer (k: 3), who also notes: "My largest 2 are in my 240 my smallest is in my 90 gallon", (118) festaedan, (119) Igor Hotasi Simamora (k: 6), (120) gabriellim, (121) funkyt, (122) slayer5590, (123) B20, (124) secuono, (125) justarn, (126) ebrehe, (127) Toolsforfish, (128) mcesario, (129) asian_bumblebeecat, (130) Wingostar, (131) Kostas, (132) PlecFan (k: 3), (133) CyroXz, (134) ThePsychotiCatfish, who also notes: "Likes to stay near my heater and does not often move.", (135) WadeNCreeks, (136) Plecomon, (137) Camsmith5215, (138) sailfin, (139) Mistyotis, (140) crazycowboy55, (141) thefredpit, (142) panakhy.

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Breeding ReportsNone.
Article - CotM 2010 June
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