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Scientific NamePterocryptis berdmorei  (Blyth, 1860)
Common Name
Type LocalityTenasserim provinces, Myanmar.
Synonym(s)Silurichthys berdmorei, Silurus berdmorei, Silurus berdmorei berdmorei
PronunciationTerr oh krip tiss
EtymologyThe generic name comes from the Greek pteron, meaning fin, and kryptos, meaning hidden; in reference to the small dorsal fin. 
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Size 150mm or 5.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationCatfishes of the genus Pterocryptis Peters, 1861, are medium sized members of the Siluridae usually found in fast flowing mountain streams throughout India, southern China and Southeast Asia. Pterocryptis had been considered a junior synonym of Silurus Linnaeus, 1758, until its rediagnosis by Bornbusch (1991). There are 16 nominal species of Pterocryptis (Ng & Freyhof, 2001). They can be distinguished from other siluroids by having a small dorsal fin,upper jaw longer than lower jaw and a confluent anal and caudal fin with a distnct notch between them.
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DistributionAsia: Myanmar.
Myanmar Waters (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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IUCN Red List StatusLeast Concern
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ReferencesJournal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal v. 29 (no. 2)
Registered Keepers(1) amiidae.

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Breeding ReportsNone.
Article - CotM 2012 July
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