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Scientific Name Hemiancistrus sp. (L128)  , 1993
Common Names L128, Blue Phantom Pleco
Blå Fantom-sugemalle (Danish)
Etymology Greek, hemi = the half. While the Greek, agkistron = hook, is thought to be the root of the term ancistrus, hemiancistrus can be taken to mean that these species have a part (not exactly HALF) of the features of the genus Ancistrus, but not ALL of the features. 
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Size 180mm or 7.1" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification May be the same species as L200 Hemiancistrus subviridis in which case L128 is the northern form. An inky black fish with variable blueish white spots.
Sexing Mature males have broader heads and odontodes on cheeks and first pectoral ray.
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Distribution Venezuela: Rio Orinoco: Puerto Ayacucho and downstream
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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pH 6.0 - 7.0
Temperature 25.0-30.0°C or 77-86°F (Show species within this range)
Other Parameters This fish prefers some current with water just on the soft side of neutral.
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Feeding The fish is omnivorous and easy to feed. Although and effective algae eater, it should be given a varied diet of prepared foods. User data.
Furniture Lots of vertical stonework and rounded boulders. Bogwood and plants are not necessary. Water current should be at its strongest over cracks and crevices in the rocks where the fish will live.
Compatibility Not quite as hardy as L200 and appears to take slightly more effort on the part of the aquarist to acclimatize. It will live in calmer water should you wish to keep this fish in a medium sized community setup.
Suggested Tankmates This fish is a good pleco for a community tank despite it's natural habitat in rapids as it will adapt to less hectic water conditions. If you do want to try faster water, Semaprochilodus characins and silver dollars of various types are a good choice for mid-water companions.
Breeding Have been spawned in aquarium. Male guards eggs in similar way to most other Hypostominae subfamily fishes.
Breeding Reports There is but a single breeding report, read it here.
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Reference DATZ 5/1993, pp 280-281.
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