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Scientific Name Dolichancistrus sp. (LDA088)   
Common Names LDA088, Gråbrun Marmorsugemalle (Denmark)
Grey Brown Marble Pleco
Pronunciation dolly can SISS truss
Etymology Greek, dolichos = long + Greek, agkistron = hook - meaning "Long Ancistrus". 
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Identification Dolichancistrus is similar to Leptoancistrus, Cordylancistrus and Chaetostoma. Dolichancistrus is differentiated from Leptoancistrus by the presence of the adipose and anal fins (vs. their absence); from Cordylancistrus and Chaetostoma by the presence of pectoral-fin spines in mature males longer than those in adult females and immatures of both sexes (vs. the pectoral spines of equal length in both sexes); and from most species of Chaetostoma in having a plated snout (vs. naked). Dolichancistrus differs from Chaetostoma platyrhynchus in having the hyperthrophied cheek odontodes evertible to more than 90º (vs. evertible only to approximately 30-40º) and in bearing hyperthrophied cheek odontodes that are distally recurved (vs. odontodes straight along their entire length).
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Distribution Imported from Columbia
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Breeding Unreported in the aquarium.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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