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Scientific Name Loricaria sp. (LDA103)   
Common Names LDA103, Seco Whiptail Catfish
Seco-piskehalemalle (Denmark)
Pronunciation lorry CAR ee ah
Etymology (Latin)Lorica, Loricare = cuirass of corslet of leather (a suit of armour made of leather). 
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Identification When young, Loricaria spp. can be differentiated from the similar Rineloricaria spp. by their more feathered sucker-mouths. In adults this difference is considerably more evident.

This species has a black "bandit" eye mask running, from cheek to cheek, over the eyes and head. There is little black pigmentation in the snout in front of this single band. The remainder of the fish is indistinctly mottled with some darker banding.
General Remarks Due to the demise of Das Aquarium, this LDA number was introduced, in English, in Aqualog News 72, January 2008.
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Distribution Rio Seco, Colombia.
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