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Scientific NameCorydoras simulatus  Weitzman & Nijssen, 1970
Common NameOlga Cory
Type LocalityRío Ocoá near Puerto López, 4°06'N, 72°57'W, R. Meta system, Meta, Colombia.
PronunciationKory DOOR ass
EtymologyCory = helmet, doras = skin. In this case it was incorrectly used to mean armour (cuirasse) instead of skin in allusion to the dual rows of plates that run along the flanks of this genus. This specific epithet literally means imitation(simulatus=imitation, copy), in reference to its similarity to Corydoras metae.
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Size 70mm or 2.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationCorydoras are identified by their twin rows of armour plates along the flanks and by having fewer than 10 dorsal fin rays. They are most commonly confused with the other genera in the sub-family, namely Brochis, Scleromystax and Aspidoras.

A long snouted species, having a tan coloured body with a black band along the ridge of the back from the base of the dorsal to and across the caudal peduncle. There is also a black vertical eye mask.
SexingSexing Corydoradinae catfishes
General RemarksThis species is one of only four which posses a third pair of rictal barbels, these are only small and can only be seen when the larger outer barbels are in a forward position.
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DistributionSouth America: Upper Meta River in Colombia.
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco, Meta, Upper Meta (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH6.2 - 6.4
Temperature20.0-25.0°C or 68-77°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingWill accept most commercial flake, tablet and granular foods. Small crustaceans, worms and insect larvae form the basis of their natural diet and where ever possible should be offered as and when available.
FurnitureFine smooth grained sand substrate.
CompatibilityPeaceful, but may become aggressive to own kind during mating season.
Suggested TankmatesAny non-boisterous fish.
BreedingC. simulatus were spawned in a fish house in the U.K. where the heating was turned off at the end of April and back on again towards the end of September. This resulted in a 24 hour temperature variation of between 8 and 10 °F. Weekly water changes were made as normal, no extra cooling was needed to trigger the spawning. When the fish were ready they followed the normal Cory 'T' formation mating clinches and spawned. A single female produced 150 1.5mm diameter light amber eggs. These were placed on the tank sides and in the spawning mops. Spawning mops should be provided as the fish appeared to prefer these to Java Moss.
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ReferencesBeaufortia. 18 (no. 233) - pp126 - Figs. 4, 6d

Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish Ian A. M. Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers 2005 (pages 61-62).
Registered Keepers(1) Yan, (2) Barracuda518 (k: 8), (3) Daragh (k: 14), (4) Redcatman (k: 2), (5) jollysue (k: 10), (6) anitabritt (k: 6), who also notes: "6 wc adults.Bought as "Olga" ", (7) gem400, (8) Birger Amundsen, (9) Kampfer, (10) dougkn (k: 3), (11) MattP, who also notes: "Being sold as Metae in pets at home so grabbed them asap!.One looks abit weak so fingers crossed.Would like more if any one has seen them recently....UPDATE..lost the weaker of the two so a bit gutted!Still looking for more.", (12) Mark Roesner, (13) Biulu, (14) Vess, (15) Lee Meadows, (16) jodilynn (k: 2), who also notes: "Large, beautiful corys, bought 3 today, seem to be swimming around well! Wild caught. Update: One died the next day sadly, so went back and bought the remaining two for a quartet. One seems more aggressive than the other three and chases the others quite a bit. Update: Sadly down to just two individuals. They seemed to have a hard time adjusting to my water (hard and high ph). I have a bag of oak leaves in the tank and have been mixing purified and de-chlorinated city water with my well water. The two corys left seem to be doing well though, eating and busying themselves about the tank.", (17) sushi1980, (18) Narwhal72, (19) scandicman (k: 4), (20) Mol_PMB, who also notes: "These are the variety with the dark blotch.", (21) KillieOrCory, (22) KeXx (k: 7), (23) Junglejason.

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Breeding Reports(1) scandicman (b: 50).
Article - CotM 1999 September
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