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Scientific Name Chaetostoma sp. (L402)   
Common Names L402, Steel Rubbernose
Bulldog Pleco, Rubbernose Pleco, Stålgumminæse (Denmark)
Pronunciation KATE oh STOW mah
Etymology Greek, chaite = hair + Greek, stoma = mouth. 
Down Species Information
Size 130mm or 5.1" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification The genus Chaetostoma is not straightforward to identify, but as a general rule, the species has spines behind the gill-cover (interopercular odontodes), no plates on the abdomen, and aside from C. platyrhynchus also lack plates on the snout edge. Different from Ancistrus by not having fleshy tentacles on the snout.

This species, from the Rio Zuata in Venezuela, is different from C. milesi in several respects, the most obvious being an almost double size vs. C. milesi. It has likely never been exported for the trade.
If you think you have this species, it is likely that you've got Chaetostoma sp. L445.
Sexing The males have however a larger and broader head, slimmer ventral sides and disproportionately large pelvic fins. Perhaps the over-sized pelvic fins play a large role in the fertilization of the eggs. By inverting these over the clutch of eggs, they prevent the sperm cells being carried away by fast water current.
General Remarks This species is from an area in Venezuela that makes it very unlikely to appear in the trade - and it most certainly has never been exported for the trade.
Down Habitat Information
Distribution South America: Andean piedmont streams feeding into the Orinoco drainage.
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco, Apure (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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Down Husbandry Information
Feeding Omnivore. Will eat algae and small live or frozen food. Some individuals can be weaned onto pellet food although this usually takes some effort and trial and error on the part of the aquarist. User data.
Furniture Well rounded stones stacked to replicate a river bottom and provide caves.
Breeding This species breeding has not been reported in the aquarium.
Breeding Reports There is but a single breeding report, read it here.
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