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Scientific Name Pseudomystus cf. stenomus   
Common Name False Bumblebee Catfish
Pronunciation SUE doh MIST uss - stenn OH muss
Etymology From the Greek pseudos, meaning lie, and mystus, a genus of bagrid catfishes. In reference to the overall similarity of the two genera. 
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Size 150mm or 5.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Members of the bagrid genus Pseudomystus are small- to mid-sized freshwater catfish endemic to Southeast Asia.Pseudomystus are commonly found in swamps and rivers throughout Southeast Asia. They can be differentiated from Leiocassis by a relatively short snout and a subterminal mouth. Many Pseudomystus have a color pattern of contrasting vertical bars or blotches.

This is an apparently undescribed species often identified as Pseudomystus stenomus. However, the true P. stenomus is found only on Java (and has probably not been exported as an aquarium fish) and differs from this species in having a more slender body, and larger and more distinct pale-colored patches on the sides of the body.
Sexing Males are more slender and possess an elongate genital papilla in front of the anal fin.
General Remarks This species is found naturally in fairly fast-flowing streams with a sandy bottom (with other fish such as Glyptothorax, Akysis and Homaloptera), and can usually be found hiding amongst vegetation during the day.
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Distribution Malay Peninsula.
Pacific, Malaysia Waters, Peninsular Malaysia Waters (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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pH 6.0 - 7.6
Temperature 20.0-27.0°C or 68-80.6°F (Show species within this range)
Other Parameters Current preferred.
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Feeding Readily feeds on live/frozen foods and other prepared foods such as pellets. User data.
Furniture Furnish the tank with driftwood, rocks and heavy vegetation for the fish to hide in, This species is found in faster-flowing streams, so a slight current is desirable.
Compatibility A peaceful species that is compatible with most fish. Congeners are territorial, but not overtly so, making it possible to keep more than one individual in a large tank. Ideal tankmates include barbs, rasboras and loaches in an Asian biotope tank.
Breeding Not reported.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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