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Scientific Name Hoplisoma habrosum  Weitzman, 1960
Common Names Dainty Cory
Marmoreret Dværgpansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels (Germany), Salt And Pepper Cory, Venezuelan Pygmy Cory
Type Locality Río Salinas, tributary of Río Pao Viejo, El Baúl, 8°59'N, 68°16'W, Cojedes, Venezuela.
Synonym(s) Corydoras habrosus
Pronunciation hop lee so mah - hab ROE suss
Etymology From the Greek 'habros' meaning pretty, delicate or dainty.
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Size 20mm or 0.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification C. habrosus can be confused with the similar patterened species Corydoras cochui. However, C. habrosus has three blotches along the flank while C. cochui has four. C.cochui has two smaller spots situated between the adipose fin and the caudal peduncle while C. habrosus has a distinct large blotch on the caudal peduncle.
Sexing Typical for genus with ripe females appearing broader when viewed from above.
Down Habitat Information
Distribution South America: Upper Orinoco River basin.
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IUCN Red List Category Not Evaluated
pH 6.2 - 7.2
Temperature 22.0-26.0°C or 71.6-78.8°F (Show species within this range)
Other Parameters Prefers soft waters with little current.
Down Husbandry Information
Feeding Consumes live, frozen and prepared aquarium foods with gusto. The foods, however, must be small enough for the fish to consume. User data.
Furniture To create an ideal biotope tank lay down a substrate of about 3/4 inch fine sand. Cover this with 1-2 inches of old oak leaves. Along the back and the sides, place several pieces of driftwood.
Compatibility Great tankmates for any fish that are not large enough to consume them.
Breeding Breeding is best accomplished in a species tank. The breeding tank can be set up as noted above or can simply be a small container with some java moss. A group of 3-5 fishes will readily spawn in a tank as small as one gallon.
Breeding Reports There are 19 breeding reports, read them all here.
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Reference Stanford Ichthyological Bulletin v. 7 (no. 4), pp 141, Figs. 1-2.
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