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Scientific NameTympanopleura atronasus  Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1888
Common Name
Type LocalitySouth America (''exact locality unknown'').
Synonym(s)Ageneiosus atronasus
EtymologyTransliterated from the Greek tympanon, meaning drum, and pleura, meaning side or rib (pleuron), nouns in apposition, in reference to the pseudotympanum. The specific epithet is derived from the Latin ater (neuter atrum), meaning black, and nasus, the nose, in reference to the intense black pigmentation on the tip of the snout and lips in live and freshly preserved specimens.
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Size 120mm or 4.7" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationBoth Tympanopleura and Ageneiosus do not have obvious, permanent barbles. The two genera can be externally distinguished in that Tympanopleura has a prominent pseudotympanum consisting of an area on the side of the body devoid of epaxial musculature where the gas bladder contacts the internal coelomic wall; are shorter, blunter headed without greatly elongated jaws; and have a smaller adult body size.
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DistributionSouth America: Middle and upper Amazon River basin.
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ReferencesProceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (Series 2) v. 1 (pt 2), pp 149
Walsh, S.J. et al. 2015. Neotrop. Ichthyol., 13(1), pp. 1-46.
Registered Keepers(1) amiidae, (2) Junttis (k: 4), (3) kruseman, (4) Acanthicus, (5) festaedan, (6) Darby85.

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Breeding ReportsNone.
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