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Scientific NameCorydoras zygatus  Eigenmann & Allen, 1942
Common NameBlack Band Corydoras
Type LocalityRío Hallagua system, Yurimaguas (5°54'S, 76°04'W), Loreto, Peru.
PronunciationKory DOOR ass - z eye GAT uss
EtymologyCory = helmet, doras = skin. In this case it was incorrectly used to mean armour (cuirasse) instead of skin in allusion to the dual rows of plates that run along the flanks of this genus. Zygatus from the Greek zygados: team, pair. On the similarity with Corydoras rabauti
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Size 70mm or 2.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationCorydoras are identified by their twin rows of armour plates along the flanks and by having fewer than 10 dorsal fin rays. They are most commonly confused with the other genera in the sub-family, namely Brochis, Scleromystax and Aspidoras.

C. zygatus background colour is pinky-grey, fins are colourless or slightly sooty. Adults have a copper "eyebrow". There is a dark line which always has a green shine to it, this line ends on the caudal peduncle never extending onto the caudal fin and without the downward twist that C.rabautihas and with which it is often confused. There often is a vertical line through the dark stripe just at the base of the dorsal spine, this manifests itself as a break in the stripe. C.zygatus show a number of vertical grey bars on the forward most ventral scutes, rabauti can have this as well but it "usually" shows as a dark smudge without the distinct bars.Adult zygatuscan become scruffy looking. Differences are clearly visible when looking at the fry of the two species.
SexingFemales are rounder, bigger.
General RemarksRarely active during the day and is very shy.
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DistributionEcuador: Pastaza, lower Rio Bobonaza and Rio Pindo
Peru: province Loreto, Rio Huallaga system, Rio Santiago
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Huallaga (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Pastaza, Bobonaza (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature16.0-25.0°C or 60.8-77°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingThe usual range of food (frozen, live or commercially prepared). Not a picky eater but no scavenger either.
Furniturefine sand, driftwood aquatic plants leaving an open area for them to search for food and swim.
Suggested TankmatesAll Corydoras should be kept in groups of at least 6 of the same species. Otherwise compatible with most other types of fish that are reasonably peaceful, as long as they don't see a Corydoras as a snack.
BreedingTypical Corydoras T manner. They spawn after a good water change. THe temperature at spawning time is around 16°C Female would lay around 600 eggs. With 2 males the fecundity rate is between 95-100%, The small eggs have been known to be laid singly scattered all over the tank.
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ReferencesFishes West. S. America - pp175 - Pl. 12 (fig. 1)
Registered Keepers(1) mummymonkey (k: 7), (2) Coryman, (3) philtre, (4) fulvioander (k: 3), (5) Cory Lover 1 (p: 2), (6) Yann, (7) Birger Amundsen, (8) apisto-nut, (9) Barbatus45 (p: 2), (10) walshy317, (11) kim m (k: 5), who also notes: "Caught by myself in Peru.", (12) Kampfer, (13) mightymaki, (14) dave.h, (15) Mark Roesner, (16) JamesStuddart (p: 2, k: 8), (17) unotim123 (p: 2, k: 39), (18) Rita Aspevik (k: 6), (19) mani29 (k: 2), (20) fishinmind, (21) anthonyking, (22) gossei (k: 7), (23) Vess, (24) KillieOrCory, (25) jopbgon, (26) darr3ll, (27) Lee Meadows, (28) steveh28 (k: 7), (29) Cory Ben, (30) daveh01772, (31) cjerrom, (32) kwalker, (33) Eggheadfish, (34) Narwhal72, (35) anchorist, (36) Per Jensen, (37) Shazray, (38) Junglejason, (39) bekateen (p: 2, k: 8), (40) scandicman (k: 6), (41) parrot1974 (p: 2, k: 6), who also notes: "Sold as c.rabautis. Kept in unheated tank.", (42) Osrmotorsport.

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Breeding Reports(1) parrot1974 (b: 49), (2) unotim123 (b: 1).
Article - Shane's World Reproduction Keeping and Breeding Corydoras zygatus
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