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Scientific Name Siluranodon auritus  (Geoffroy St. Hilaire, 1809)
Common Name
Type Locality Nile River, Egypt.
Etymology From the Latin auritus (literally"listening") referring to the local Arabian name of the species in Egypt "oudney" which means "with ears" probably referring to the large rounded pectoral fins just behind the head.
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Size 175mm or 6.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Silvery, head and back brown, a large brown stripe along the lateral line.A large brown blotch behind the head where the swim-bladder lies close beneath the skin, from this blotch a second stripe starts to continue above the base of the anal fin, a dark line above the base of the anal finjoins this second stripe at the level of the caudal peduncle while another brown stripe borders the anal fin over its entire length.Other fins faintly speckled with brown.Some populations may be almost all black with very little silver showing between the stripes, there is a mention of a red spot with a shot of gold on the gill cover which may show maturity.
General Remarks Pelagic fish in large and moderate lakes and rivers.
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Distribution Africa: Nile River; also Chad, Niger, Volta, Comoe.
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Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference Poissons du Nil v. 1 (part 1), pp [291], Pl. 11 (figs. 1-2)
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