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Scientific NamePseudolithoxus anthrax  (Armbruster & Provenzano, 2000)
Common NamesL235, Flyer Cat
Fliegerwels/Flyer-Cat (Germany)
Type LocalityRío Orinoco backwater behind sand beach about 0.5 hr upstream from Isla Temblador, 3°04'N, 66°28'W, Estado Amazonas, Venezuela.
Synonym(s)Lasiancistrus anthrax
Pronunciationsue doh lith ox uss. - anth racks
EtymologyGreek, pseudes = false + Greek, lithos = stone + Greek, oxys = sharp. 
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Size 150mm or 5.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationAccording to Armbruster, P. anthrax should have two dorsal spines and seven to eight branched dorsal rays; one anal spine and four branched anal rays; 24-26 lateral line plates; seven to eight dorsal plates; seven to eight adipose-caudal plates and 12-14 post-anal plates. The fish is usually dark grey or black with white spots.
SexingWhen comparing adults, males have much longer cheek bristles.
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DistributionSouth America: Upper and lower Orinoco tributaries, Caura and Aro rivers.
Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco, Caura (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Orinoco, Aro (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH6.2 - 7.0
Temperature24.0-27.0°C or 75.2-80.6°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersTricky to acclimatize unless close attention is given to providing good water quality with plenty of oxygenation.
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FeedingDoes well on commercial "algae" wafers but requires a meaty element to its diet (probably met by insect larvae in the wild). Newly imported specimens need such meaty food immediately to acclimatize properly.
FurniturePlants are not necessary but are left unmolested if present. Prefers flat rock caves to all other forms of refuge.
CompatibilitySome what territorial. Defends chosen cave structure from all other plecos; ignores larger fish. Should have adequate space. Can be kept in a community tank if this is taken into account.
Suggested TankmatesBest kept with other fish that like a good water current.
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ReferencesArmbuster, J. W. and F. Provenzano. 2000. Four new species of the suckermouth armored catfish genus Lasiancistrus (Loricariidae: Ancistrinae). Icthyol. Explor. Freshwaters, Vol. 11 No. 3: 241-254 7 figs, 2 tabs
Registered Keepers(1) lordotterby, (2) clunkster, (3) The-Wolf (p: 2), (4) franc, (5) djwalker124, (6) Thomas Lagesen, (7) Seaokoy, (8) agustingonzalez, (9) SoCalDiscus, (10) fishkeeper, (11) Nx7, (12) sterlingtjones, (13) jessonthenet, who also notes: "Very active and quite territorial and aggressive at times. Much prefers slate or stone hiding places to wood. Never saw it touch plants or wood at all. Loves fresh veg and meaty foods and does not seem to graze, is much more particular about what it likes. Never noticed it eating algae off any surfaces.", (14) smitty, who also notes: "Originally kept in 150gal tank. Moved to 180gal tank on 9/14/2010. Loss due to Hurricane Irene.", (15) lethalcustoms00, (16) warrior_wolf73 (k: 2), (17) plecomanpat (p: 2, k: 2), (18) hankinswood, (19) Hansen (k: 3), (20) aeonone87, (21) huskerdad, who also notes: "Most reclusive cat I've known. Will take zuchini and/or cucumber after lights out. Never seen him eat boxwood and/or driftwood", (22) Apostolis, (23) Zulan, (24) pleco rob, (25) kwalker (p: 2), (26) CodOnMyRod, (27) evojoey, (28) husky_jim, (29) thekribkeeper, (30) nasTodor, (31) CoryCatfish1212, (32) 3791eidde, (33) Loc.

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