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Scientific NameLamontichthys llanero  Taphorn & Lilystrom, 1984
Common Name
Type LocalityNear La Hoyada, Río Guanare Viejo, Rio Portuguesa, Venezuela.
Pronunciationlamb ont ICK thiss - yan ERR ohs
EtymologyNamed after the ''llaneros'' (inhabitants of the Venezuelan plains called the Llanos) through which run the rivers in which these fish run.
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Size 202mm or 8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationIn all species of Lamontichthys, there is one pectoral fin spine and seven pectoral fin rays on each fin, as opposed to the rest of Loricariinae species which have one pectoral fin spine and only six pectoral fin rays.
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DistributionSouth America: Venezuela: Orinoco Basin
Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH6.0 - 7.0
Temperature24.5-26.5°C or 76.1-79.7°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersRequires well oxygenated water with good current.
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ReferencesRev. Unellez Cien. Tec.v. 2 (no. 2) - pp96 - fig. 2
Registered Keepers(1) Tallblue, (2) adrisdad, (3) Norman (k: 4), (4) zipper, (5) gforcefx, (6) lilu, (7) parrot1974 (p: 2, k: 3), who also notes: "Generally territorial - each fish has a large piece of bogwood that they spend most of their day on. Can be skittish. Never seen to eat during the day.", (8) Nabobmob1, (9) Tamcon83, (10) PseudaSmart.

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Breeding ReportsNone.
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