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Scientific Name Bunocephalus minerim  Carvalho, Cardoso, Friel & Reis, 2015
Common Name
Type Locality Minas Gerais, Guarda-Mor municipality, córrego Guarda-Mor, near the town of Guarda-Mor on highway BR-364, Brazil, 17°44’52"S, 47°05’40"W.
Pronunciation boon oh SEFF ah luss
Etymology Bunocephalus: From the Greek bounos, meaning hill and kephale, meaning head; in reference to the bumps on the head of the fish, which is particularly marked in some species. minerim: Refers to the typical regional manner of pronouncing the Portuguese word "mineirinho", diminutive of "mineiro", which refers to a person that comes from the State of Minas Gerais. The name alludes to the region where this species is found and also to its relative small size in comparison with other species of Bunocephalus.
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Size 49mm or 1.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Bunocephalus minerim is distinguished from other congeners, except B. chamaizelus, by having 9 principal caudal-fin rays (vs. 10 principal caudal-fin rays in other Bunocephalus).
General Remarks Pigmentation variable with two distinct color morphs of overall dark and light patterns. Dark morph with dorsal portion of head and body dark brown with three poorly defined and variably present dark saddles, first beneath dorsal fin, second at vertical through middle of anal fin and third at end of caudal peduncle. Light morph have similar pigmentation pattern but with light brown dorsal surface contrasting with clearly defined dark brown saddles; lateral portion of body with irregularly mottled dark blotches. Ventral surface of body overall light brown with dark pigment concentrated in tubercles. Pectoral, ventral and anal fins with scattered dark pigment. Dorsal and caudal fins overall dark with light distal portions. Caudal fin sometimes bearing clear patch at proximal portion.
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Distribution Known from several tributaries of the upper and middle rio São Francisco basins including the das Velhas, Formoso, Paraopeba and Paracatu rivers in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
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IUCN Red List Category Least Concern, range map and more is available on the IUCN species page. Last assessed 2020.
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Breeding Specimens of female Bunocephalus minerim have been collected with eggs directly attached to the skin. This type of parental care has been reported in other Aspredinid fish. In B. minerim and Pterobunocephalus, the eggs are directly attached and partially embedded into the skin, whereas in Platystacus, Aspredo, and Aspredinichthys eggs are attached via fleshy stalks. Otherwise, this is rarely found in Bunocephalus.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference Neotropical Ichthyology v. 13 (no. 3), pp 505, Figs. 2c, 3b, 5, 6.
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