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Scientific NameAmblyceps yunnanense  Zhang, Long, Xiao & Chen, 2016
Common Name
Type LocalityTributary of Upper Irrawaddy, Yunnan, China.
PronunciationAHM bli seps
EtymologyFrom the Greek amblys, meaning blunt and kephale, meaning head; in reference to the blunt snout. 
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IdentificationThe catfish genus Amblyceps is characteristic in having the epiphyseal commissure of the supraorbital sensory canals immediately anterior to, and not passing through the epiphyseal bar; the anterior cranial fontanelle narrowing abruptly along its posterior end offering epiphyseal commisure bony support from frontal; the fifth ceratobranchial expanding medially at its posterior tip; pinnatelike rays along anterior margin of the procurrent and medial caudal-fin rays; a transverse crest along entire posterior margin of roof of supraoccipital and pterotic; the lateroposterior process of horizontal lamina of urohyal short or vestigial,shorter than the horizontal lamina; the upper hypurals fused with compound centrum; the anterior nostril situated immediately anterior to the base of the nasal barbel; and both lips with double folds. It is also characteristic in having a prominent cup-like skin flap above the base of the pectoral spine.
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FeedingReadily eats all manner of live and prepared foods.
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ReferencesFolia Zoologica: international journal of vertebrate zoology. v. 65 (no. 2), pp 83.
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
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