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Scientific Name Corydoras(ln9) punctatus  Bloch, 1794
Common Names Spotted Cory
Hovedbåndspansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany)
Type Locality Suriname
Synonym(s) Cataphractus punctatus
Pronunciation punk TATT uss
Etymology The specific epithet is from the latin punctatum meaning small hole, dot or spot.
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Size 50mm or 2" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification All over spotted head and body, striped caudal and black blotch in top half of caudal.
Sexing Females around 5mm larger than males, wider.
General Remarks Former the type species for the genus Corydoras, Isbrücker (1999) later proved that the type species was actually C. geoffroy.
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Distribution South America: Suriname, district of Brokopondo, Suriname River drainage.
Guyana Waters, Coastal Rivers of Guyanas, Suriname Coastal Rivers, Suriname (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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pH 6.6 - 7.6
Temperature 22.0-26.0°C or 71.6-78.8°F (Show species within this range)
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Feeding As with most Corydoras catfish, this species is always hungry and will eat a wide variety of foods including shrimp pellets, blood worms, brine shrimp, and pre-soaked flake food. It can be fed three times a day, but only twice is necessary (in the morning, and again towards the evening).
Furniture There should be fine smooth round gravel or sand in the bottom of the tank as these fish are constantly sifting through it for food. Live plants are not a necessity, but are suggested as they are beneficial in many ways.
Compatibility This fish is very peaceful and gets along well with other fish, and it will not harass another fish in its aquarium - no matter how big or small.
Suggested Tankmates Corydoras punctatus is a very social catfish and will not only get along with other catfish, it will do well with them and keeping it in a shoal with other Corydoras is strongly recommended. Any species of Corydoras will be an excellent tankmate for this fish, and other good candidates are angelfish, gouramis, and tetras among others.
Breeding The species has been successfully bred under aquarium conditions.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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References Naturg. Ausl. Fischev. 8 - pp90 - Pl. 377 (fig. 2)
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