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Scientific NameDekeyseria brachyura  (Kner, 1854)
Common NamesL168, Butterfly Pleco
Brazil Butterfly-Pleco (Germany), Flounder Pleco
Type LocalityBrazil: Barra do Rio Negro
Synonym(s)Ancistrus brachyurus, Peckoltia brachyura, Zonancistrus brachyurus
Pronunciationdee key SEAR ee ah - brak ee oo rah
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Size 140mm or 5.5" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationThis catfish is a master of disguise. It can change colouration, chameleon-style, quickly. If kept on a black or very dark substrate is will go almost black. Kept on a lighter substrate it will show a pretty striped pattern during the day. Another reason for misidentification of this fish is that its night-time colouration is totally different from that it has during the day.

Similar to L052 but in D. brachyura the stripes are more clearly separated. The ground colour of D. brachyura is more orange when you compare them directly.

This species can be found in many hobbyist books under its old name of Peckoltia pulcher. More recently it was moved by Isbrucker et al into their new flounder pleco genus Zonancistrus. However, prevailing scientific usage appears to be with the use of Dekeyseria. Given they were described from the same river system and also given the fishes ability to change its appearance, it is quite possible that D. pulcher is not a distinct species and is actually a junior synonym of D. brachyura. The specific name also sometime appears incorrectly as brachurus.
SexingMature males have substantial odontodes both on the thick pectoral ray and the posterior part of the body. The male also have a broader head than the female.
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DistributionBrazil: Rio Negro. L168 was collected in the Rio Demini (Negro Basin).
Amazon, Middle Amazon (Solimoes), Negro (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH5.6 - 7.0
Temperature25.0-28.0°C or 77-82.4°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersWell oxygenated but not too cool water is also advantageous.
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FeedingAn algae eater that will require a constant vegetable foods along with the usual pleco fare.
FurnitureFlat, rounded rocks and pieces of wood. Plants are not necessary but are generally left unmolested especially if the fish is being fed properly.
CompatibilityPeaceful, doesn't appear overly territorial with its own kind.
BreedingHas been bred in captivity. Male guards eggs in a cave in conventional loricariid fashion.
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ReferencesDenkschriften der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe. v. 7, pp 279, Pl. 4 (fig. 1)
Registered Keepers(1) CatBrat, (2) Cory-Diddi, (3) gamelle, (4) ivokilli, (5) guillermo racines, (6) Tuti, (7) Bristle nose, (8) Blue (k: 2), (9) phaedraeos, (10) Bowyer, (11) gixir (k: 2), (12) cobraconny, (13) nuth88 (k: 2), (14) L127 (k: 3), (15) chillired, (16) joepleco (p: 2), who also notes: "Another hardy pleco. Mine did better with a strong powerhead in the tank, and was very territorial, the colors are really cool.", (17) Firestorming (k: 5), (18) Gog, (19) arndogg, (20) norfolkgarden (k: 4), who also notes: " Neat fish, hides a lot. Was a bright black and white in the store tank that had a red background and blue gravel. At home, with the driftwood/plants and normal tan gravel, the best colors are a dark brown with a pale cream. Often a muddy brown. Neat fish, hides a lot. Was a bright black and white in the store tank that had a red background and blue gravel. At home, with the driftwood/plants and normal tan gravel, the best colors are a dark brown with a pale cream. Often a muddy brown.", (21) loloveto, (22) theonetruepath (k: 3), (23) PYRATE61, (24) traco, (25) Birger Amundsen, (26) L-ko (k: 8), (27) Numbers, (28) Chillired89, (29) cwhite67, (30) CCA001, (31) chalkvandam (k: 5), (32) Kim-Ray (p: 2), (33) 78bill, (34) Liam50LB, (35) Merlinmaus, (36) fleahound, (37) tvwav, (38) fusco, (39) Melchior, (40) Deb, who also notes: "A very cool guy. Not too shy. Likes a dark, planted tank, wood, warm 80 dF water.", (41) Dutchie1986, (42) jsper, (43) agustingonzalez, (44) Azarak (k: 2), (45) royaldragoness (k: 2), (46) ablank (k: 16), (47) Borbi (k: 4), (48) ofird, (49) andy75 (k: 2), (50) h2opleco (p: 2), (51) elmosgun (p: 2), (52) Janne Josefsson, (53) Raptor (k: 2), (54) upc239, who also notes: "Staying very skinny and small . Im afraid it may not be eating well enough. ", (55) ouscazz (k: 6), (56) djtonyel (k: 3), (57) jha61 (p: 2), (58) Hellboy, (59) phoenix44, (60) Gerard Pennards (k: 2), (61) Serian, (62) Frank the L, (63) lnumbers63 (p: 2, k: 3), (64) somename (p: 2), (65) fuzzytigerbird, (66) gr8plecos, (67) chubbikins, (68) cjhoogma (k: 3), (69) NC24 (p: 2), (70) Donald (k: 5), (71) adrisdad, (72) plecomanpat, (73) keen-eyed (k: 7), (74) Amy, (75) Sam (k: 2), (76) Benjamin Goh, (77) gollum, (78) Quo (k: 3), (79) JamesStuddart, (80) ITR371, (81) Decker504, (82) __CAV__, (83) jimlaroche83 (k: 2), (84) Zulan, (85) Hapahound1971, (86) FFTRIP, (87) freshfishing, (88) snike, (89) ellohcee, (90) milosz (k: 8), (91) 4122Johns (k: 5), (92) flatfish (k: 10), (93) hatiras, (94) a-401, (95) chriscarnivorous, (96) HERVE, (97) eyal8a, (98) Torii, (99) yogi88, (100) eirref, (101) gosephe (p: 2, k: 8), (102) BarryA, (103) abmang (k: 2), (104) seba089 (k: 2), (105) dj_rose, (106) hovlandl, (107) MatsP (k: 2), (108) energizer181 (k: 4), (109) Are06n (k: 6), (110) chris521957, (111) jvharskamp, (112) Cepreu (k: 4), (113) aX!o, (114) cjerrom (k: 4), (115) adcc, (116) Bjørn, (117) TaraJ74 (k: 2), who also notes: "Awesome fish...Love how they can change their colours in an instant depending on where they are in the tank...Very shy tho", (118) rizla75, (119) simonkirby1985, (120) camtang, (121) lilu, (122) HUNdani (k: 3), (123) Tamcon83 (k: 5), (124) wilkinss77, who also notes: "Mine is diurnal. eats algae wafers.", (125) Elwood (k: 5), (126) Kingfisher, (127) plecokim, (128) Martin S, (129) Juiceyfish, (130) KisA (k: 8), (131) A 401, (132) WouterW, (133) grga, (134) TheDoctor, (135) gerwen, (136) Jost, (137) mickf1, (138) Catfishlady, (139) FreshwaterQWERTY, (140) Garfield1969, (141) Coreylynn7, (142) Vogias (k: 3), (143) DHarris, (144) dennis84, (145) Camsmith5215, (146) bravorauch (p: 2), (147) ilansanin, (148) john h, (149) Dog868, (150) balderman27, (151) dmfd0331, (152) p03alf, (153) ed1402.

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Breeding Reports(1) Zulan (b: 48), (2) djtonyel (b: 30).
Article - Shane's World Species Partial translation of Kner's "Die Hypostomiden. Zweite Hauptgruppe der Familie der Panzerfische"
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