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Scientific Name Leiocassis bekantan   
Common Name
Pronunciation Lee eye oh KAH siss
Etymology Leiocassis: From the Greek leios (smooth) and cassis (helmet); in reference to the covering of skin and muscle on the head of the fish. The specific epithet is the Indonesian vernacular for the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), a primate from Borneo (where the type locality of L. bekantan is located) distinguished by its enlarged and very prominent nose. The name alludes to the prominent snout of this species when compared to congeners and is used as a noun.
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Identification The bagrid catfish genus Leiocassis is diagnosed by an elongate narrow head, prominently protruding snout, origin of the adductor mandibulae extending onto the cranial roof, prominent anterior process of the hypurapophysis, hypertrophied posterior process of the cleithrum, third pharyngobranchial bearing flanges on posterior and medial surfaces, and the branch of the supraorbital canal leading to the infraorbitals exiting from the frontal (Mo, 1991). The genus is known only from Sundaic Southeast Asia.
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