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Scientific NameHemiloricaria parva  (Boulenger, 1895)
Common NamesCommon Whiptail Catfish
Lg6, Slank Sugemalle (Denmark)
Type LocalityDescalvados, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Synonym(s)Loricaria parva, Rineloricaria parva
Pronunciationhem ee lorry CAR ee ah.
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Size 110mm or 4.3" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationRelative to congeners, this species has proportionately larger fins. In particular it has a very large dorsal pectoral fin. Similarly the species has a larger eye diameter combined with a wide interorbital gap - characteristic for this species.
Referred to in some hobby literature by the nomen nudem Sturisomatichthys foerschi, it is also known as LG6. Comparison by German hobbyists to the BMNH lecotype demonstrates that what has been known in the hobby by these names is indeed H. parva.
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DistributionSouth America: Paraguay River basin.
La Plata, Paran√°, Paraguay (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature21.0-24.0°C or 69.8-75.2°F (Show species within this range)
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BreedingRelatively commonly bred, this species lays green eggs on vertical surfaces including aquarium glass.
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ReferencesProc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 1895 (pt 3) 527
Registered Keepers(1) brettwms75, who also notes: "Between this one and the Loaches and Botias of mine they keep the bottom CLEAN.", (2) Tuti, (3) Armadillo Del Rio, (4) adimeatatime (k: 4), (5) woofess, (6) Dipsausje, (7) anthony mcdonald (k: 5), (8) Cyberbob, (9) kerryteatsjr (k: 2), (10) foffo (k: 2), (11) Caimenboy, (12) Walter, (13) Cristoffer Forssander, (14) Pungen (k: 10), (15) Suncoastscott, (16) boyneburn, (17) kamas88 (k: 13), (18) sunfish (k: 6), (19) NorthHawk (k: 2), (20) WIGSTER, (21) fishmosy, (22) aznfish, (23) guardianfyre, (24) FrankW (k: 5), (25) rodpam, (26) Harry94, (27) bamboosticks, who also notes: "They are much more sensitive to water quality than Rineloricaria. I tried doing a wet season/dry season cycle before and raised the temperature to 29C, and lost what was a very promising female. They did spawn for me behind my filter. I lost all 3. ", (28) Nabobmob1 (k: 5), (29) smokey70, (30) motagaz (k: 507), who also notes: "Now have these guys breeding weekly. They seem to predominantly use either a large piece of half round bamboo (about 5cm diameter) or a thinner (3cm) bamboo tube although they have also spawned on the glass base of the tank. Only trouble i have is finding enough tank space for rearing the fry.", (31) Marka7z, (32) Mowin (k: 2), (33) jimlaroche83 (k: 2), (34) Quo, (35) fahaka, (36) Ecrevince (k: 5), (37) dolgolev (p: 2, k: 4), (38) Crel, (39) adcc (k: 3), (40) Marie-Alix (k: 4), (41) Vess, (42) ChristianS (k: 111), (43) balken89, (44) BlackSouL (k: 3), (45) iafr11 (k: 6), who also notes: "Bought 3 wild pairs, have bred all the time. Easy tokeep", (46) theguy40267, (47) kawa85 (k: 3), (48) PavelTrupl, (49) FerocactusLatispinus, who also notes: "R.I.P. Flapjack. She was fine in the morning; just found her lying on her back, dead. Died just as quickly and in the same manner as my two Chaetostoma species.", (50) stealth77, (51) andyC, (52) agustingonzalez, (53) Darren Balch, (54) RedLiz, (55) Cory Ben, (56) chriscoli, (57) Ozboy (k: 10), (58) hypanaquolus, (59) miguel mitchel (k: 4), (60) davidcook3, (61) Shanaitan, (62) TonyCZ, (63) craft (k: 53), who also notes: "I was able to bring up many juveniles into a fry this time. I used the frozen water flea for bait mainly, but used rotifer for initial feed.", (64) plecokim, (65) vince0, (66) Tamcon83 (k: 3), (67) Andrewjw, (68) emacartoon (k: 2), who also notes: "I may have lost one. I haven't seen number 2 in a long while.", (69) Mr Whippy, (70) SeanL (k: 4), (71) rootbear, (72) Narwhal72, (73) jodilynn, (74) CodOnMyRod, (75) Fishybotany, (76) kenjarle, (77) fishy1 (k: 3), (78) Mathias, (79) Koen (k: 2), (80) WadeNCreeks, (81) zopie, (82) Maxpedley, (83) sturiosoma, (84) Aquaticus, (85) FishyMcFishFish (k: 4), (86) SLIMESLAYER10, who also notes: "Very very easy to keep. i never see it eat put he is sure fat. one of them jumped out and died... so now i have lids on his tank.", (87) JamesStuddart.

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Breeding Reports(1) CodOnMyRod (b: 49), (2) Andrewjw (b: 47), (3) TonyCZ (b: 38), (4) Marie-Alix (b: 34), (5) craft (b: 13), (6) fishy1 (b: 12), (7) Mathias (b: 11), (8) Narwhal72 (b: 10).
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