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Scientific NameMicromyzon akamai  Friel & Lundberg, 1996
Common Name
Type LocalityRio Tocantins, above confluence with Rio Pará, 2°02'S, 49°17'W, Pará, Brazil, 10-14 m.
PronunciationMy KROW my zon - ah kah mai
EtymologyThe generic name come from the Greek mikros, meaning small, and myzon, meaning sucker which is the suffix of Hoplomyzon, the type genus of the tribe Hoplomyzontini. The specific epithet is named after Alberto Akama, for assistance in collecting the species.
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Size 16mm or 0.6" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationA hoplomyzontine characterized in having no eyes, reduced pigmentation, and a small size.
General RemarksFound at the bottom of large, whitewater river channels on sandy substrate about 100-700 m from the shore and at depths of 5-20 m. The channels were fairly fast-flowing (approximately 1-1.5 m/sec).
Other fish found in the habitat include gymnotiforms (Apteronotus, Sternarchella, Sternarchorhamphus, Sternachogiton, Eigenmannia, Steatogenys and Gymnorhamphichthys), and catfishes (Aspredo, Leptodoras and Pimelodus).
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DistributionLower Amazonas drainage, South America
Amazon, Lower Amazon (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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ReferencesCopeia1996 (no. 3) - pp643 - Fig. 1
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
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