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Scientific NameDekeyseria sp. (L052)   
Common NamesL052, Flounder Pleco
Butterfly Pleco
Type LocalityRio Orinoco Basin
Pronunciationdee key SEAR ee ah
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Size 120mm or 4.7" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationSimilar to D. brachyura but in L052 the stripes are less clearly separated and form a network pattern in adults. The ground colour of D. brachyura is more orange when you compare them directly. Some authors report that L052 doesn't have a night-time / stress alternative colouration akin to that exhibited by D. brachyura, but this is refuted by other keepers of this fish and cannot be considered reliable.

The following data was recorded from an adult male specimen:
SL 97.0 mm
TL 121.0 mm
Dorsal: I,7
Pectorals: I,6
Pelvic: I,5
Anal: 4
Interopercular spines: coloured yellowish and straight. The very ends of these spines are curved like a hook and are a red / pink in color.
SexingMature males have substantial odontodes both on the thick pectoral ray and the posterior part of the body. The male also have a broader head than the female.
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DistributionOrinoco Basin
Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco, Atabapo (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH5.8 - 6.8
Temperature24.0-27.0°C or 75.2-80.6°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersWater should be soft and a little bit acidic to attempt breeding.
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FeedingTablet food, vegetarian foods, wood and insect larvae.
BreedingCave breeders with broods varying between 50 to 120 eggs. The eggs take a long time to develop and hatch (9-10 days). The fry are well developed and are almost without yolk sac. The fry are very fast growing.
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Registered Keepers(1) Kristofer, (2) amergim, (3) catfrenzy, (4) steady, (5) alga (k: 2), (6) plugger1969, (7) storch31, (8) Firestorming (k: 25), (9) jasonplec1, (10) rusle, (11) Waterboy, (12) FiRsT_AiD, (13) Tasplec (k: 2), (14) retchub, (15) Crel, (16) Juand15 (p: 2), (17) Deano089, (18) thejudgement, (19) WIGSTER, (20) tinman_rlg, (21) nowhereman (k: 2), (22) Marko, (23) CatsandFish, (24) phoenix44, (25) munchkin13 (p: 2), (26) ronalddevries, (27) upc239, (28) MatsP (k: 3), (29) puresp (k: 4), (30) 2wheelsx2, (31) hossma, (32) musilvr4eva, (33) smitty, who also notes: "Loss due to hurricane Irene", (34) J Bluto (p: 2), (35) huffmagx (k: 8), who also notes: "Purchased 7 FI juvi's off AB", (36) stuart264, (37) phypes (k: 5), (38) rayfong (k: 5), (39) Tony, (40) Joe323, (41) tunafish, (42) plecomanpat, (43) hankinswood (p: 2, k: 2), (44) VonKarppis, (45) Mark Roesner, (46) arapaimag, (47) CUPfishhead (k: 6), who also notes: "Being fed repashy meat shrimp pellets algae wafers andhave cholla cactus and driftwood. Spawned 2 times but lost both clutches after about 5 days.", (48) nerdoutlaw (k: 2), (49) Decker504, (50) naboo, (51) LMC1062, (52) Terrycherry, (53) Lars Jamne (k: 5), (54) 4122Johns, (55) Ottofan2003 (p: 3), (56) BevN (k: 504), who also notes: "We obtained a group of these back in 2008. They have been spawning for us every year since about 6 or 8 months after we got them direct from Colombia. We keep our adult group in a 50 gallon tank with sand substrate, driftwood and a number of caves. The tds is below 100 and ph is about 5.5-6. Temp 80. Feeding is a variety of prepared foods. For a few months we had moved them into a tank with altums and uaru fernandezyepzi and there was no spawning activity. After putting them back into their 50 gallon tank they started spawning and haven't stopped. As of this writing we have 500 young from multiple spawns and the male is sitting on another clutch of eggs. We can leave fry with the adults till there are multiple spawns with no aggression towards the young at all. Very peaceful fish. Fry are easy to raise on a fine powered pellets and bbs.", (57) flatfish, (58) eyal8a, (59) PNTaquatics (k: 3), (60) technogeek, (61) adcc (k: 2), (62) Arnestad, (63) andyC, (64) msheresy, who also notes: "Missing an eye", (65) panchodny, (66) Andrewjw (k: 8), (67) crazy4bettas (k: 4), (68) linuxrulesusa (k: 2), (69) jorgehdzy, (70) LivHeidiBraten, (71) Narwhal72, (72) Bjørn, (73) PlecosAndLoaches, (74) Tour, (75) Jdmcfast, (76) Black_flys, (77) junglejason, (78) chriscoli, (79) BrianShr, (80) dorightaquatics, (81) citizencurt, (82) LostYeti (k: 7), (83) hdbikersbabe (k: 6), who also notes: "Wild Caught", (84) evojoey, (85) WouterW, (86) kwalker, (87) vince0, (88) ahxw, (89) Vestyxe, (90) Roosterboy, (91) jodilynn, (92) reverendturtle (k: 3), (93) Tamcon83 (k: 6), (94) Truls warhuus, (95) PaperDoves, who also notes: "Seems very active so far. Nice full stomach.", (96) Lars, (97) NuclearCoast, (98) Plecomon, (99) irshprncsk, (100) Nabobmob1, (101) kastokke, (102) Maxpedley, (103) jordan2017 (p: 2), (104) hoplo_fan, (105) AlexandroRonzon, (106) bekateen (k: 18).

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Breeding Reports(1) kwalker (b: 22).
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