Corydoras(ln6) diphyes   Axenrot & Kullander, 2003

Article © Chris Ralph, uploaded April 08, 2009.

Chris Ralph introduces this months species and shares with us some of his experience in keeping this species.

I first purchased a small shoal of these stunning little Cory’s in 2005. They were for sale at Porton Aquatic & Pet Centre in Wiltshire(UK) and I decided to purchase all 10 as they were unlabelled and very unusual. I kept them in a small aquarium in my kitchen along with some very nice Emperor Tetras. Unsure of their true identity I emailed a picture to my friend Ian Fuller who responded that they were indeed Corydoras diphyes.

Corydoras diphyes is a recently described species of Corydoras (2003). Corydoras diphyes is not yet commonly available to the hobbyist; in fact the ones that I purchased are the only ones I have seen for sale in an aquatic shop. When this catfish is available expect to pay around £5-£8 per fish. In its natural habitat Corydoras diphyes usually occurs in areas which have sandy substrates with bank vegetation entering the water. The water in which they are found varies from dark (stained with tannins) to clear or slightly turbid.

As you are most likely aware Corydoras diphyes belongs to the family Callichthyidae or Armoured Catfishes from South America. This catfish also belongs to the sub-family Callichthyinae. This is certainly a species that I intend to look out for in the future, as I am about to set-up some of my old aquariums that were originally within my now defunct fish house. I hope that you enjoy the following details about this little catfish. If anyone has managed to breed these fish perhaps you could add some more detail to the listing for this catfish.

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