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Two Spot Catfish - Mystus bimaculatus   (Volz, 1904)

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded October 01, 1997.

Mystus catfish belong to theBagrid family whose many representatives can be found almost exclusively in Asia. There are a broad range of species from large vicious predators to the more passive Mystus bimaculatus. These fish are available fairly commonly and can be an active and interesting addition to suitably stocked community tanks. Perhaps the average aquarist might only purchase one or two of these fish for their tank, but it i worthwhile rearing a group together as these fish are occasionally spawned and the young relatively easy to rear. They key to keeping this species in good condition, which will result in a pinkish, bright fish, is soft, water. In nature they can be found in pH 5 peat swamps and even a little lower is not a hardshup for them!

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