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Pictus, Engelwels (Germany), Pictus Cat, Pictus Pimelodus, Pimpictus, Plettet Trådmalle (Denmark) - Pimelodus pictus   Steindachner, 1876

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Scientific NamePimelodus pictus  Steindachner, 1876
Common NamesPictus
Engelwels (Germany), Pictus Cat, Pictus Pimelodus, Pimpictus, Plettet Trådmalle (Denmark)
Type LocalityRio Hyavary, Peru-Brazil border.
Synonym(s)Pimelodella picta, Pimelodella pictus
Pronunciationpim ee LOW duss - PICK tuss
Etymology(Greek)Pimele=Fat + (Greek)odous=teeth. This specific epithet literally means painted(pictus=painted) and refers to the spots on its body.
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Size 120mm or 4.7" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationTwo colour forms appear for sale. The first, Peruvian, variety has large ''dalmatian'' style spots all over its body with smaller spots around the head. The other, Colombian, variety (which reportedly grows larger) has many more spots that are smaller, less clearly defined and almost pin-prick size on the fish's head. This differentiation should only be used when comparing fish of a similar size as both patterns change with age.
General RemarksPimelodus pictus have small hooks on the dorsal and pectoral fins that are notorious for getting stuck in nets. It's best to use a plastic container to catch the fish, rather than a net.
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DistributionAmazon and Orinoco River basins: Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.
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Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH5.8 - 6.8
Temperature22.0-25.0°C or 71.6-77°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingAn unfussy general carnivore. Most prepared are taken and the fish will gorge itself on live or frozen foods to a point where the aquarist must be careful not to feed too much in one sitting. Bloodworm induces a feeding frenzy and is good for acclimatizing new acquisitions. The fish will eat huge amounts in one day, its belly swelling to resemble a marble and can happily live off this for up to a week.
In nature the diet consists largely of invertebrates (such as insect larvae and crustaceans), but also found to eat fish.
FurnitureSwimming space is needed as this fish likes to swim especially around feeding time. You will see much more of this fish during the day if you have relatively dim lighting.
CompatibilityPeaceful, but will soon eat smaller fish, such as neon tetras, but otherwise harmless. It is considered good to keep these fish in a group of at least five fish. When kept alone, they do not appear quite as happy and active as when kept in a group.
Suggested TankmatesLarger active fish such as tetras and gouramis. Most barbs are no good company as they tend to nip fins and barbels. They should be kept in (small) groups. Most singly kept specimens will pine away eventually. Angelfish and other ''graceful'' fishes may be bothered by this species' barbels particularly during lights-out.
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ReferencesSitzungsber. Akad. Wiss. Wienv. 74 (1. Abth.) - pp144 [96]
Registered Keepers(1) MatsP (k: 5), who also notes: "Unfortunately, I lost these interesting fish one after another due to some mystery illness problem during a few months.", (2) synoguy, (3) chris 1, (4) Trident2004, (5) jenny, (6) cats4me, (7) GreenSynoMan, (8) Topaztas, (9) crewfish13, (10) lazymf, (11) Jackp1ne (k: 3), (12) fishie650, (13) Cicolid, (14) ElectricYellowPlecostomus, (15) kcmt01, (16) Chi-Chi, (17) Igowoof, (18) smithrc, (19) Dawg57, (20) k1ttyme0w, (21) Hammerhead (k: 2), (22) ranmasan (k: 4), who also notes: "Very active swimmers; much happier in a shoal of at least 3 or 4 of similar size", (23) AngelicusFish, (24) Occellatus, (25) icekiki, (26) Plecofanatic1989, (27) nuth88, (28) daniel60 (k: 3), (29) TJD911 (k: 2), (30) Walter, (31) GoGoCactus, (32) unblinded (k: 2), (33) Mrs.JP, (34) RedTail Cat, (35) rosemarydawn, (36) tezr (k: 2), who also notes: "lots of fun to watch feed. Very fast little bottom skimmers.", (37) steelhead99 (k: 3), (38) alderfish, (39) griffl (p: 8, k: 9), who also notes: "Lived about ten months without its maxillary barbels.", "Added second pictus. Immediate positive reaction from first pictus. Appears to be true that species is happier with companion.", "Added another pictus to make a pair. Both fish are very happy.", "Decided to have a happy trio.", "From past experience, they prefer more than one to have running partner.", "Prefers being in group. More active than if solo.", (40) midnightrider (k: 2), (41) CubCariboo (k: 5), (42) Plunt (k: 2), (43) corycat, (44) Cdn Glenwood, (45) San, (46) Guanlong_wucaii, (47) joe.juice13, (48) synosteve (k: 2), (49) luv4jjt, (50) wardcorp (k: 2), (51) Scythy (k: 2), who also notes: "Very active and playful!", (52) Fishaliciousfish (k: 2), (53) aledk85 (k: 6), (54) austinb420 (p: 5), (55) kubastanik, (56) GixxerBabe, (57) JDogg, (58) abradley, (59) launcap (k: 2), (60) AimsPink, (61) Ebisu (k: 6), (62) Clammage (k: 3), (63) pokerbunny, (64) Auscat17 (k: 2), (65) flowaz (k: 2), (66) catfish hippy man DS, (67) Waterboy, (68) Tasplec (k: 2), (69) iam1ru12 (k: 3), (70) Birger, (71) novice (k: 5), (72) Sumners83, (73) ali12345 (k: 3), (74) EagleC, (75) GT_ERE95, (76) abaigael04 (k: 3), (77) bapachu, (78) andycapdnz (k: 2), (79) chemma (k: 5), (80) willis30, (81) darkhighlord, (82) neelhound (k: 2), (83) nlabe6 (k: 6), (84) Minty23, (85) shadowcat (k: 4), (86) OddOscar, (87) Greg Curtis, (88) HaKkEr, (89) dean30bb, (90) ewurm, (91) lnumbers63 (k: 2), who also notes: "Had these 2 fish when I first started stocking my tank. Had three but lost one after about 6 months. Very interesting catfish that you see all the time. Always on the move. The large barbels are a talking point.", (92) stuart henson, (93) arcsb (k: 5), (94) ayrtoninst (k: 18), (95) Patzee (k: 2), (96) Jyynx, (97) LowClassCC, (98) pickles4601, (99) Fish (k: 3), (100) Tigerlily08 (k: 6), who also notes: "Smallest Pictus Cats I have ever seen at just over 1 inch. These are so small that they do not even have any body spots. I'm very curious just how young these fish may be if anyone has any ideas.", (101) Viktor Jarikov, who also notes: "Quite shy and elusive. Good eater, when not picked on. Ours does not have that many spots as on the pic.", (102) samoht333, (103) danny.450, (104) jscoggs27 (k: 5), (105) ocnluv13, (106) Dalek Tzet (k: 3), (107) after (k: 2), (108) Cory_lover (k: 4), (109) taninsama, (110) highoctane500 (k: 2), (111) manlyfish, (112) Mqktandy, (113) michiganraised, (114) cmoney, (115) MichaelC95, (116) 000, who also notes: "Only one now :(", (117) markhinch, (118) mrfishydude, (119) Ughmental, (120) Brisch, (121) Mezel, (122) hankinswood, (123) Rtyrpics, (124) jimlaroche83 (k: 2), (125) Shaun, (126) araceae (k: 2), (127) Quo, (128) Buddiechrist, (129) snowflake311, (130) maynard1982 (k: 8), (131) JamesStuddart, (132) nerdoutlaw, (133) DeepFriedIctalurus (k: 2), (134) sasdrum, (135) linden09, (136) Starfish42 (k: 5), who also notes: "Two of the fish are distinctly fatter and generally larger than the others. I'm pretty certain these are female. Nice, active fish, always chasing each other. Amazing whiskers!", (137) browny85, (138) TheInfamous, who also notes: "Gorgeous. Life of the tank.", (139) ibis, who also notes: "Fast active and pretty looking fish. has taken up residence with bristlenose catfish.", (140) Seagirt (k: 5), who also notes: "They never stop moving. Always fun to watch bumping into the other fish.", (141) xakkan, (142) catfishkemp, (143) Elwood, (144) Sargy60, (145) ellohcee, (146) Acanthicus, (147) fahaka, who also notes: "I was given one with the tank and other fish. Lives with firemouths which have bred in the tank (feeding him probably).", (148) kitty2234 (k: 3), (149) poopfaceman, (150) Jason.G, (151) sterna, (152) indiCa, (153) Hedorah (k: 3), (154) rcjkirk, (155) Fruityscone, (156) Struggsmom, (157) jc_jc, (158) mosin nagant147, (159) technogeek (k: 3), (160) stealth77, (161) Colin Keightley (k: 2), (162) psyk1, (163) Sciencehero (k: 3), (164) thereverendturtle (k: 2), (165) dvdrew, (166) FerocactusLatispinus, who also notes: "Picasso. I forgot I had him a while back, so he's posted here now! I had traded the little Colombian back to the LFS, since it was getting very territorial and aggressive. Cute little stinker, though.", (167) dav, (168) mamoo (k: 3), (169) mjh712, (170) Misiak, (171) rizla75, (172) Animusartificio, (173) Baked Wafl3, (174) Mruaru, (175) Jdmcfast, (176) schant, (177) booitsme3109 (k: 2), (178) TimO93, (179) Sean B, (180) PiggyCutie, (181) slayer5590, who also notes: "Colombian variant", (182) RichardD, (183) Tamcon83 (k: 2), (184) thecameraguy, (185) KGlo, (186) Katking, (187) mr bulldog, (188) sleepyhead, (189) miguel mitchel (k: 2), (190) o_beas, (191) indeliKate, (192) jodilynn (k: 5), (193) rootbear, (194) jimpearson, (195) Wingostar, (196) Gallywags, (197) datfish, (198) pleconut (k: 4), who also notes: "Always wanted some of these! A fish that has been on my wish list, ever since I started out in the hobby, they are very hyperactive, they are kept in an Amazon themed community tank, the second of my Amazon Display tanks, obviously it will be an very active busy tank, my other tank, Amazonia 1 is far more peaceful!", (199) dusanmal, who also notes: "Although the official data limits this species to soft water I have positive long term experience with them thriving in African Rift lakes conditions: pH 8.2-8.4; GH14-16;KH 8-10; T 23-26C. Coexisting happily with a range of Mbuna and Hap species.", (200) pokemonrange, (201) kiwidu21, who also notes: "In the night with flash", (202) lindfieldroy, (203) ThePsychotiCatfish, (204) Cecibella (k: 4), (205) Blackbullhead, (206) Renegade Aquatics (k: 3), (207) Valk176, (208) pictuswhiptail (k: 3), (209) ADiack, (210) crazycowboy55, (211) NI7S2S0AN (k: 5), (212) porinocoense, who also notes: "Great small catfish, does great in schools. Very active fish, eats anything and keeps the tank very clean.", (213) Zakqary, (214) Drfunkenstein57 (k: 2), (215) Peixes (k: 2), (216) angerygrover.

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