Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Tsn (Abbreviation) - Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum   (Valenciennes, 1840)

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded March 01, 1998.

The photo is an 18" specimen. I was a great fan of keeping these large catfish especially when I worked in my LFS and could "grow them on" for a few months and then hand them back. That changed somewher when I visited the Tennessee Aquarium in Chatanooga, USA. They had an enormous Amazon species tank which is remains in operation to at least 2019. The tank was inhabited by, amongst others, a huge tiger shovelnose, an adult red-tailed catfish, shoals of oscars (which were the smallest fish in the tank!), eye spot cichlids (Cichla ocellaris) and arowana. To see a full-grown Tiger shovelnose cruising effortlessly without having to turn round every three seconds made up my mind about keeping these and some other large catfish in anything smaller than a big pond. I remain a great fan.

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