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Did you know fantastic help is an anagram of Planet Catfish? This forum is for those of you with pictures of your catfish who are looking for help identifying them. There are many here to help and a firm ID is the first step towards keeping your catfish in the best conditions.
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black shark
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ID Help

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Lfs said it is Red tail mystus (Hemibagrus wyckioides) Is it true?
2019-07-04 16.51.10.jpg
2019-07-04 16.51.05-1asian red tail.jpg

Viktor Jarikov
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Re: ID Help

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It's either a wyckioides or wyckii. They are hard to tell at this sizes. One has to look at the maxillary barbel length, dorsal spine serrations, dorsal base length, and adipose fin shape and size but all of these comparisons are hard in a small fish.

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