What species is this?

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What species is this?

Post by Pontimic »

Hi, I'm Michel from the Netherlands. Been a member for a while now and love this site.
I was at my local fishstore witch is run by a L-number fanatic whom also went to south America to catch them in the wild. Long story short, he's got a couple of unidentified fish witch I really want to have but need to know what species it is so i can figure out if they go with my other cats. I think they are some kind of ancistrus but can't find out for shure.

Bas Pels
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Re: What species is this?

Post by Bas Pels »

A picture of the cuction cap will help a lot. After all, if it is big, the fish is a herbivore, if it is small, a carnivore.

So both for identifying and husbandry this is something you will want to know
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Re: What species is this?

Post by Jools »

Pseudolithoxus dumus? Where in South America would also be useful...


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Re: What species is this?

Post by Acanthicus »

P. dumus for sure.

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