what spotted pleco am i?

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Kenneth Wong
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what spotted pleco am i?

Post by Kenneth Wong »

Pleco ID needed. These are f1 babies around 2.5 inch TL. Parents were purchased as L471. Are they L471? Or are they L201, L201 big spot, or Contradens? The parents are max 4 inch TL. I've had the parents for 2 years now and remained about the same size.

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Re: what spotted pleco am i?

Post by bekateen »

I've never seen L471 side by side for comparison against L201 or L201 big spot. I've wondered before if fish sold as L201 big spot might be L471, although I'm told they're different, but without a clear distinction given. Your fishes' size seems okay for L471, but then my L201 big spot are the same.

Hopefully someone else can be more helpful.

Cheers, Eric
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Matas Abaliksta
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Re: what spotted pleco am i?

Post by Matas Abaliksta »

in my opinion it is L201 (not sure if big spot). L471 usually don't get to 4inches. contradens are quite tall.

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