Small Pleco...What type & sex is it? Looking for mate

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Small Pleco...What type & sex is it? Looking for mate

Post by Merciless »


Have had the pleco about 4 years so I do not think it will get any larger. I thought it was a Bristlenose but am not sure and would like to find a mate for it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Small Pleco...What type & sex is it? Looking for mate

Post by bekateen »

Hi Ray,

This is a clown pleco, Panaqolus maccus or L448. I struggle to tell them apart, but reportedly, we get more L448 imported into the USA.

Your fish is fat (which might mean it's female), but the photos also appear to show odontodes on the body flanks, so I'm leaning towards male.

Cheers, Eric
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Re: Small Pleco...What type & sex is it? Looking for mate

Post by fishguy1978 »

This should help. If this is an L448 it isn't a P. Maccus (L104). Since you have an adult it will be difficult to determine.
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Re: Small Pleco...What type & sex is it? Looking for mate

Post by Shane »

The photos are not clear enough to make a good call on the animal's identity. The natural ranges of the two spp overlap with P. maccus more abundant in the northern llanos and L 448 to the south. So shipments from Villavicencio will be 90% or more P. maccus while shipments from Puerto Carreno may be 90% L 448. Speaking for the mid Atlantic area of the US, I see shipments of mostly P. maccus with a few contaminants.
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