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New here

Post by Madlax15 »

I'm new here. I have a 150 gallon freshwater tank. It's 72 inches long, 18 inches wide and 27 inches tall. I'm really interested in having multiple pleco species together, and I read on another forum that this site has a compatibility list. I have not been able to find it via the search button.

I'm looking for only small sized plecos, currently I have 1 juvenile albino bushynosed. I would like to add a female bushynosed, and maybe 2 L-128 "blue phantom" plecos.

I'm reading contradicting information online about how they all get along together. Is 150 gallons big enough for that many plecos?
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Re: New here

Post by Jools »

Welcome aboard, yes, that's more than big enough. You could add quite a number of individuals into that tank assuming the filters are big enough.


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Re: New here

Post by EvaWilliams »

Welcome to the forum!
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