L397 wanted

Items sought in continental Europe.
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L397 wanted

Post by Gio2013 »

hello to everyone! I write from the province of Verona, Italy. I m looking for a group of 6/10 L397 adults near Munich or Ulma, I have a friend who could get them to work and pick up the fish...

Thank you!!
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Re: L397 wanted

Post by franco68 »

ciao gio,
funny answer here :)) but mek's shop in cassano d'adda ( mi ) sells them :-BD
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Re: L397 wanted

Post by jbmm »

or check here:

http://www.meine-fischboerse.de/angebot ... __0,-c.php

in the Munich area I see there is a breeding group of 13 available.
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Re: L397 wanted

Post by BigKrisVet »

I'm interested in buying these fishes as well. Maybe somebady has got for sale a few pieces?

I'm from Poland.
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