Spawning report issues

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Spawning report issues

Post by TwoTankAmin »

I have been pretty bad about updating my few species pages and have never filed a breeding report. I just tried to do this and failed for the following reasons. First, the fish that spawned are mt zebra plecos which are on their mid teen years, i.e. 13+ to 16 years old, the form asks for age of youngest in months. So 13.33 x 12 = 160 months. the form only allow for 1 max of 100 months. Next, I have no measured the fish, but at this age they are over 3 inches SL. I cannot enter 3+. I suppose I could have entered 3 inches and then had the age show how big they should be. but that was not possible. To report them as just over 8 years old would have been a gross understatement. So the form does not allow for me to provide an accurate report.

The reason I wanted to report my recent spawns was due to the age of the fish. I thought it was interesting to have them spawning at that age.

So I am wondering if the age field could be altered to accommodate older fish. Plecos do tend to be long lived.
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Re: Spawning report issues

Post by Jools »

I will have a look at allowing fishes that are older than 100 months. However, the female or male size (SL) must be between 5 and 1500 inclusive. 3 inches is around 75mm, so that should not be an issue?

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Re: Spawning report issues

Post by jaenowell »

firstly, let me say... I LOVE THE SITE!!! just tonight, i finished up with all pics and parameters of my plecos.... the ability to keep records to help everyone (including myself) is wonderful. what would be a great addition is a breeding log that can keep records for multiple (all) spawns with parameters and special notes so could add special things that may have helped or hurt with spawning the groups... just like tonight.. the barometric pressure rose from 29.78 to 29.81 yesterday so i did 30% water changes and fed frozen bloodworms... overnight, the pressure rose with the front moving in to 30.03 and L46 L340 L174 and my super red calicoes are spawning... i'd love to have a way to note every spawn and not just the first... thanks for listening.... j
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Re: Spawning report issues

Post by flatfish »

Firstly great site and I really like the breeding reports. I recently added a breeding report for L114. However the report only allows for up to 100 hatching. This morning I removed well over 300 young from the males cave. I realise many plecos don't have over 100 young but it might be worth allowing for large clutches to be reported. cheers
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