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Hello beautiful people, I will need your help regarding L340.

So I got 5x L340 and 4x bristlenose, got them 3 months ago, both 3-4 cm in size.

L340: One of them died 2 days later, bloated, signs of a liver sickness. Second one died last week, no signs of ill, sickness, wound or any sign at all, its colors were vivid and it showed signs of healthiness. Now, 3 months passed and got 3 of these left they dont eat a lot, they are not very active, they dont play or fight, they are just.. standing there most of the time, rarely i see them eating or moving. They are behaving like day 1, no changes in their behavior.

Bristlenose: none died, none showed any signs of sickness or illness, they are VERY active and eat alot, play a lot and fight a lot (no wounds), they were shy at first but then they started to...enjoy everything.

I know these are 2 different species, but they live in my community tank, bristlenose is thriving and L340 is not, water is CRYSTAL clean, i got mopane wood and red moor, i feed them with JBL pleco food tablets + flakes from time to time, no major fluctuations in the enviroment.

Temperature is mostly around 26-27 Celsius, I have read that this is acceptable for both of the species, and still one bristlenose is in paradise and L340 is not enjoying life, please help me understand what I do wrong?

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Re: L340

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Hi Desauron,

I've had L340 for close to 4 years now and they've always been skittish, quick to dash when they notice me approaching the tank. If you could add some ceramic caves near the front glass pane might help in at least making them more watchable. The more cover you provide them, the safer they'll feel venturing out.



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