Feeding my L128

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Feeding my L128

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A few weeks ago I inherited a L128 Pleco from a friend who had to move and could not take care of him anymore. It is awesome!!

It's still very small (1.5'') and I want to make sure I give it the best care possible.
He is currently in a 90 Gal community tank with 3 Rainbow sharks and a 2'' bristle nose pleco. All seems to be going well as the sharks ignore both plecos.

The bristle nose pleco is growing well and is constantly in the window eating algae or rummaging for leftovers. But, the L128...
He is VERY shy and i'm not 100% he eats that much. We see him once in a while at various spot on the large piece of driftwood but, most of the time he hides under it or in one of tunnel of the branch.

How can I make sure he eats or eats enough. Before light out, I put in some carnivore sinking pellets but, the sharks go right for it... not sure they eat much but, by the next morning when the lights come on they are all gone. Frozen bloodworms would eaten by the sharks before they even got to him.

Last night I sank a few pieces of cucumbers, zucchini and sweet potatoes hoping that he would go for them. They do not seem to be touched.

Any suggestions on what i could do the make sure he gets enough food?

Thank you
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