Cave dimensions? L240

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Cave dimensions? L240

Post by MissNoodle »

Looking into a replacement cave for my L240, who is just barely 4 inches now, but will get larger eventually... what size of a cave should I be looking for?

Right now he has a hollow log driftwood and he has been chewing it to pieces, taking little vampire sized bites out of it and making a mess out of the tank lol so hes going to need a new log soon, but if I'm spending money on a new hideaway, I want it to last until hes grown, so id like to know what size I should be looking for.

Look at the mess lol that log had a whole side wall there, its gone and hes chewed a hole in the top of it like a sunroof. Ignore chunky gravid cory who really needs to drop some eggs. You can see the little chips taken out of the wood too.
And the culprit destroying his home faster than I can find a good replacement for him lol
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Re: Cave dimensions? L240

Post by AmazonTank »

Hi nice pics that Cory is huge! I have lots of hollow wood logs in my tanks! What a mess those wood eaters are something else.
I tried some tight clay caves 1.5" diameter 6-10" long and my l397 and l204 plecos seem to really love there tight new caves!
The experts will weigh in but that worked well for me!
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