water movement, filtration, current

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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water movement, filtration, current

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Hi all

i am a new member to the site, however i have regularly visited site for resource purposes.
I have a question regarding water movement flow etc, on this site clearly says native to slow moving or still waters, creeks pools rivers.

tank 125l, external filter stated 800l, running about half adjusted with tap/lever on filter.
Half lentgh spray bar angled forwards pointing downward to middle of tank.
planted well artifically, rocks, sand, fine gravel, leaf matter, bog wood.

tank is established 2years january 2016, previoulys housed 2 gbrs, however i removed beacuse harrasing corries to much.

speceies c,paletus peppered cory x6 (first species in tank)
c,trilanteus, false julie x5

parameters nitrate 0-10ppm, nitrite 0, ammo 0, gh5, ph6.8, R/O water

Pepered corys breed weekly, love the flow, always active, realy love flow at any rate, seem happier with more flow, no sign of stress related to flow.

false julie, seem stressed by direct flow, of spray bar, generally seem peacful, not as active as peppered, never breed, hide away more under wood,

i strongly believe flow rate is culprit for there shy behaviour, reason i come to this conclusion they dont like area where spray bar penetrate lower down in tank, eat well, mainly show, when food in tank,

i have tryed different angles, positions, and now diffusing it with more plants in line of flow.

any suggestions, i have tryed sray bar angled at back glass but worry about it been detrimental to the overall performance of filtration.

Would i be better with an open ended pipe more like a powerhead etc, seem popular on images of cory tanks

Basically i can,t beleive difference in behaviour, and wonder why, and how i make them as happy as peppereds are.

anyhelp,guidance much appreciated
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