Ompok pabo husbandry

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Re: Ompok pabo husbandry

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Can't help you with husbandry, but the fish in the pictures appear to be O. pabda; O. pabo has really short maxillary barbels, barely extending past the eye.
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Re: Ompok pabo husbandry

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Long time no update, the bigger bully Ompok lives on after bullying the other to its death during a period when I was out of station and the lights were off for a couple of days. The cat lives with a Garra sp, and some Channa gachua. There were some Lepidocephalichthys loaches I added with the catfish, but the outcome was not a happy one and I moved the remaining loaches to another tank. The catfish is growing so painfully slowly that sometimes I feel like it has lost some length.

This is the catfish today,


And this is it after it swallowed a loach


Regarding its identity as pabda or pabo, the person i got it from says pabo, and I did an AFC too, but it might as well be pabda as commented by a member. I'll have to contact the person from whom I got this fish again to see if he can definitively ID this fish. There's another lockdown in place right now, after that, I'll probably get a couple more of these cats to see if they exhibit shoaling behaviour.
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Re: Ompok pabo husbandry

Post by Jools »

Thanks for posting the update, it would be good to know if there is more information on the ID forthcoming.


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