Is it possible to add a "hidden" option when entering new common names in the CLOG?

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Is it possible to add a "hidden" option when entering new common names in the CLOG?

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jools,

After adding some Latin synonyms lately to a few CLOG entries, I began to appreciate the value of the "hidden" option for some entries. For example, I used it recently for a common misspelling - I don't want it visible so as not to promote it, but if someone only knows that and types it into our search, it will lead them to the proper CLOG page where they would then see the proper name.

This got me to thinking about inappropriate but pervasive common names, such as "black venezuelan" for black Corydoras(ln7) schultzei. Would it be possible to add a "hidden" option for common names in the same manner that it exists for scientific synonyms? That way, we can add inappropriate common names which are frequently encounterd in order to direct visitors to the correct page (with more appropriate common names) and at the same time the inappropriate name would not be displayed or promoted.

Do you think that would be helpful and would it be easy to program? If it isn't easy to add as a feature, then definitely not worth the time.

Cheers, Eric
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